Top Electronic Pets Kids are Begging to Bring Home

Electronic pets for kids

Electronic pets for kids are always among the most wanted kids toys. Kids love them because they’re adorable, cuddly, and interactive. Parents love them because they are household additions that don’t eat, poop, or make messes. So win, win. Interactive pets are not only fun, but they can be a learning experience too. Since some of … Read more

10 Best Wooden Play Kitchens for Imaginative Pretend Play

If you’re looking to buy the best wooden play kitchen for your child, you want one one that is well-crafted, non-toxic and durable enough to last several years. I prefer wooden play kitchen sets over plastic because they are nicer looking, more durable and hold their appearance longer than plastic kitchen sets. More important than anything … Read more

30 Energy Burning Indoor Toys for Active Kids

When the weather prevents your little Tasmanian devils from playing outside, having some indoor toys for active kids to burn off energy is a must! To help you (and the kiddos!) keep your sanity when you’re both stuck indoors, we’ve compiled a varied list of the best indoor active toys for kids. Because there are … Read more

50+ Fun Easter Basket Stuffers for Boys

Easter basket ideas for boys

The best Easter basket stuffers for boys are fun, useful, NOT junky, and most of all…inexpensive. So, bunnies, we’ve gathered a batch of small (ish) toys and gifts that are the perfect Easter basket stuffers for boys. Some are classic, some are trendy, and none of them will cost you too much green. We’ve noted … Read more

10 Enchanting Disney Princess Little Kingdom Toys

Disney Princess Little Kingdom toys for preschool girls

The Disney Princess Little Kingdom Toys are adorable princess themed playsets in miniature size. Your preschool princess can use her imagination to bring her favorite princess fairy tale to life with these little dolls and sets. Here’s a few reasons to love the Disney Princess Little Kingdom Toys for 4, 5 and 6 year old … Read more

Best Outdoor Toys for Kids to Have a Blast All Summer!

Best outdoor toys for kids to have a blast this summer

Warm weather has finally arrived and it’s the time of year when parents everywhere begin their hunt for the best outdoor toys to lure their kids from hibernation. After all, the best outdoor toys for kids keep the little darlings entertained and soaking up that vitamin D for as long as possible! To that end, here’s … Read more

22 Best Trolls Toys To Delight Young Movie Fans

The DreamWorks Trolls movies are still popular with kids and our picks for the best Trolls toys are sure to delight one of the young fans on your gift list. After all, what’s not to love about all that color, glitter, and happiness? There are plenty of Trolls movie toys to pick from, for both … Read more

12 Shimmer and Shine Toys to Dazzle your Preschooler

Best Shimmer and Shine Toys for Preschoolers

Shimmer and Shine is a popular Nickelodean show about twin genies-in-training and their human friend, Leah. The show is such a hit with preschoolers and young elementary school kids, that a whole collection of Shimmer and Shine toys have been released since it started. If you’re looking for a birthday or Christmas gift for a girl … Read more

Trolls Hug Time Poppy Doll is Hair Raising Fun – Review

Trolls Hug Time Poppy doll review

Poppy is the buoyant co-star in the Dreamworks movie, Trolls. There is a variety of toy merchandise associated with this movie, so of course, there is a Trolls Hug Time Poppy doll, since she is the star, after all. The move is a 3D animated musical comedy that, in true DreamWorks style, is a colorful feast for … Read more

Littlest Pet Shop Cruise Ship Toy Review

Littlest Pet Shop Cruise Ship

What was lacking in the carefree world of the Littlest Pet Shop critters? Why, a Littlest Pet Shop Cruise Ship, of course! Who knew back in 2005, when the Littlest Pet Shop toy line was redesigned for Hasbro, that it would become one of Hasbro’s most successful lines? But the big question is…will their newest … Read more

12 Beauty And The Beast Toys to Enchant Movie Fans

Disney Beauty and the Beast Toys

The Disney live action tale of Belle’s adventures with her enchanted new friends inspired a beastly amount of Disney Beauty And The Beast toys. Of course, that’s not a bad thing, because there is a huge fan base for the charming live action movie staring Emma Watson. It’s only bad if you’re trying to pick a … Read more

Star Wars Rogue One Interactech Imperial Stormtrooper Review

The Star Wars Interactech Imperial Stormtrooper figure is included on the official Hasbro collector’s list of Hasbro Rogue One toys. How do I know this? I’m so glad you asked.  😉  I wrote a whole post where I covered every single toy on that list. Every. single. toy. (Well, those sold on Amazon, anyway.) By … Read more

Star Light Adventure Galaxy Barbie and Flying Cat Review

Barbie pairs up with a decidedly different kind of pet in this Barbie and Hover Cat toy. Not only that, but she’s shedding her fashionable outfits and taking to the skies. And no, I don’t mean she’s begun a new career in streaking. Star Light Adventure Galaxy Barbie is all suited up and ready to … Read more

Our Findings on the My First Crayola Mess Free Sand Scribbler

My First Crayola Mess Free Sand Scribbler Review

The My First Crayola Mess Free Sand Scribbler toy was released last year and I’m updating our review now that it’s been out a while. First off, I’m a big fan of the My First Crayola toys. This line has several good quality creative toys for toddlers and preschoolers designed to inspire their inner Picasso. … Read more