30 Energy Burning Indoor Toys for Active Kids

When the weather prevents your little Tasmanian devils from playing outside, having some indoor toys for active kids to burn off energy is a must!

To help you (and the kiddos!) keep your sanity when you’re both stuck indoors, we’ve compiled a varied list of the best indoor active toys for kids.

Because there are so many ways kids need to burn their energy, we split this list into crawling and climbing toys,  jumping and bouncing toys, balancing toys, indoor sports toys and indoor active games.

And yes, with the right toys, kids really can do all of these things indoors without requiring you to encase everything in bubble wrap!

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Indoor Toys for Active Kids

Indoor Climbing Toys and Crawling Toys for Kids

Melissa & Doug Sunny Patch Happy Giddy Tunnel

Happy Giddy Tunnel is a fun and inexpensive indoor toy for active kidsHappy Giddy TunnelHappy Giddy Tunnel

Crawl-through tunnels are great indoor energy burning toys because they are so versatile. Kids get exercise plus they can pretend they’re in a secret underground passageway.

The Melissa & Doug Sunny patch happy Giddy Tunnel is just a little shy of 5 feet long, just right to make it part of an indoor obstacle course to tire out your little gopher.  😉

Here’s some big pluses of this fun indoor toy for active kids.

  • Durable, easy-clean material
  • Good for indoors or out
  • Removable flap at both ends
  • Collapses flat for easy storage!

You’ll see from the reviews that parents love this indoor active toy as much as the kids do! And there’s an equally cute pink butterfly Sunny Patch tunnel too!

Age: 3-5

Hide N Seek Ball Pit and Tunnels

Ball Pit with Tunnels is a good indoor energy burning toy for kids Hide N Seek Ball Pit and TunnelsBall Pit Tents and Tunnels

Crawl-through tunnels are even more fun when they come with forts! This Ball Pit with Tents and Tunnels  is currently among the highest rated kids play tunnels on Amazon.

It looks huge, but you can connect all the pieces, or separate them if you don’t have the room. It can be configured multiple ways to fit in your space. It’s also great if you need two play areas – one for older, rougher playing kids and one for younger ones.

Here’s some more reasons why this makes our list of one of the best indoor active toys for kids:

  • More durable than other kids tunnels
  • Includes basketball hoop, ball darts, and ball toss games
  • Versatile for indoors or out
  • Collapses for easy storage

Active kids will have a blast crawling, tossing, and playing in this thing!

Almost forgot…this does NOT come with balls. Here’s a good deal on a pack of 200 ball pit balls.

Age: 1+

Kids play tunnels come in all shapes and sizes – Check out the whole selection of play tunnels for kids here!

Step2 Game Time Sports Climber

Game Time Sports Climber is a great indoor toy for active kids to burn energyGame Time Sports ClimberGame Time Sports Climber

Step2 makes some of the best active toys for kids and most of them can be used both indoors and out. If you have the room for it, their best-selling Game Time Sports Climber will keep little ones happily expending energy for hours!

It’s not too big – a little over 5 feet long and 2 and a half feet wide. But you need some space around it for the sliding and ball tossing. Now normally, I wouldn’t suggest a bunch of ball tossing indoors (especially when older kids are doing the tossing!), but for most preschoolers and young kids, this is fine indoors. You could always substitute these Nerf balls if your youngster throws a mean spiral!

Here’s some features of this fun indoor toy that active kids will love.

  • Multiple activities – climbing, sliding, basketball, football and soccer
  • Includes a ball
  • Very durable
  • Great for indoors or out

The versatility of this toy, plus the great reviews, make it one of the best active toys for preschoolers for indoor or outdoor play!

When using this climbing toy indoors, make sure and place it on a soft surface, like mats, to help prevent injuries in case of falls.

Age: 2-6

Below are a couple more, highly-rated indoor climbing toys for kids. Slides are great because kids can always race their cars, stuffed animals, Barbies and anything else down them when they’re tired of sliding!

Step2 Big Folding Slide is an indoor toy to keep kids activeStep2 Big Folding SlideStep2  Big Folding SlideLittle Tikes Climber is one of the best indoor climbing toys for active kidsLittle Tikes ClimberLittle Tikes Climber

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ECR4Kids Gus Climb-N-Crawl Caterpillar

Climb-N-Crawl Caterpillar is an awesome toy for active kids indoors or outdoorsClimb-N-Crawl CaterpillarClimb-N-Crawl Caterpillar

Due to its size, you’ll probably need a playroom or basement for this one, but the Gus Climb-N-Crawl Caterpillar is one of the coolest indoor toys for active kids! It’s a tad over 7 feet long but can be easily shortened by removing a section or two.

Here’s some more reasons parents love this indoor climbing toy for kids.

  • It’s super sturdy!
  • Great for crawling, climbing or pretend play
  • For both indoors and outside
  • Pieces can be rearranged

I love the versatility of this climbing toy! The peep holes can be integrated into all sorts of fun kids games like a bean bag toss or Nerf targets and the interior makes a cool fort (here’s a good deal on some bean bags, by the way).

Age: 3-8

Eezy Peezy Monkey Bars Climber

Eezy Peezy Monkey Bars is a sturdy indoor toy for active kids to burn energyEezy Peezy Monkey BarsEezy Peezy Monkey Bars

Another really good indoor climbing toy for kids is The Eezy Peezy Monkey Bars Climber. Kids can climb, swing and dangle to their heart’s content and at a little under 6 feet across, it’s not overwhelming for a playroom.

Here’s some more reasons you and your kids will love monkeying around on this active indoor toy.

  • Easy to assemble
  • Sturdy, but lightweight to move
  • Holds 150 lbs, safe for multiple kids
  • Made of plastic for flexibility and safety
  • Throw a big sheet over it for a boss tent!

This indoor climbing toy is sure to tire out your little monkeys, even if they’re stuck inside! You might want to put a cushioned play mat under it, especially if it’s going on hard floors. Here’s a multi-purpose children’s play mat that’s reasonably priced and covers a 6’x6′ area.

Age: 3-8

A Monkey Bar Climber is one of the best Indoor climbing toys for active kids

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Indoor Exercise Toys for Jumping and Bouncing

Gymnic Rody Hopping Horse

Gymnic Rody Horse is a fun indoor toy for active kidsGymnic Rody HorseGymnic Rody Horse

The Rody Horse is a wildly popular active toy for kids that lets little ones bounce, bounce, bounce all over the house and yard. It’s made by an Italian company, Gymnic, that makes fitness and physiotherapy products.

Here’s a few reasons why this odd toy is such a huge hit with parents and kids.

  • Super sturdy
  • Made of Latex-free vinyl
  • Deflates easily for travel
  • Works on hardwood, carpet, grass and concrete
  • Good for indoors or out

If you check him out in the link, note that the different colors vary a little in price.

Rody inflates with any standard bicycle pump, but there is NOT one included. This pump seems to work well with Rody and other inflatable toys and is inexpensive.

Being stuck indoors in bad weather can make even grown-ups start bouncing off the walls. Luckily, there’s a Rody for big kids too! The Rody Max holds up to 200 pounds so you can safely bounce away those winter blues!

Rody Age: 3-6
Rody Max 5+

A Rody Hopping Horse is a great indoor exercise toy for kids

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Kidoozie Pogo Jumper

Kidoozie Pogo Jumper is a fun indoor active toy for kidsKidoozie Pogo JumpeKidoozie Pogo Jumpe

Your little jumping beans will love the Kidoozie Pogo Jumper! As Tigger says, it’s “Fun, fun, fun, fun, fun!”

This is one of the best active toys for kids because it’s a one-size-fits-all deal. The handle is like a bungee cord so it stretches depending on the size of the child. Here’s some more reasons parents and kids love this toy so much.

  • Works on all surfaces, in or out
  • Supports up to 250 lbs (hello, new toy!)
  • No assembly, super simple
  • Low cost and great reviews!

The only possible downside is the squeaker every time you jump. It will drive the dogs (and some parents!) crazy. But it’s probably the funnest part for the kids. So here’s some earplugs.

Seriously, this is one of my favorite indoor toys for active kids to stay busy and would be a great gift!

Age 3+

A Pogo Jumper is a fun indoor toy for active kids

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Little Tikes 3′ Trampoline

Little Tikes 3' Trampoline is a great indoor exercise toy for kidsLittle Tikes 3′ TrampolineLittle Tikes 3' Trampoline

Trampolines are a great way for kids to get the wiggles out and this Little Tikes Trampoline is a winner with parents and kids!  Here’s some nice features of this popular active indoor toy.

  • Easy to assemble
  • Designed specifically for indoors
  • Supports up to 55 lbs.
  • Sturdy but light to move
  • Support bar for safe bouncing

Some reviewers had issues with the foam cushion on the support bar needing to be reinforced with duct tape after some use, so be aware of that.

But that issue aside, this is a terrific energy-burning toy for young kids to stay active while stuck indoors!

Age: 3-6

Trampolines are great indoor toys for active kids

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For older kids, this trampoline by Merax is a good choice. It’s made specifically for indoor use and comes in three colors.

What’s also nice about it is it holds up to 180 pounds, and the support bar is removable so when the kiddos aren’t using it, mom or dad can get in an ab or leg workout!

Waliki Toys Hopper Ball

WALIKI Hopper Ball is one of the top indoor energy burning toys for kidsWALIKI Hopper BallWALIKI Hopper Ball

Waliki Hopper Balls are big hits with kids and great exercise for adults too! Luckily, these come in 4 sizes, so preschoolers on up to adults can hoppily hop around.

There’s a slew of different types and brands of hoppy balls on Amazon, but here’s some pluses of the Waliki brand.

  • Includes a pump to inflate
  • Inflates in 4 minutes
  • Featured in the media for its quality
  • Comes in a ton of colors

Hopper Balls are one of the best indoor toys for active kids, but they are fantastic for outdoors too! They’re super reasonably priced and would be a fun addition to your indoor active toy stash.

Age: 3+

Hopper Balls are super fun indoor toys for active kids

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Kids Indoor Active Toys for Balancing

Spooner Boards Freestyle

Spooner Board Freestyle is a unique indoor exercise toy kids loveSpooner Board FreestyleSpooner Board Freestyle

The Spooner Board is a fun indoor active toy for kids to practice balancing tricks.

This Shark Tank success is rated for ages 3 and up, but it does take a bit of practice to master. Tweens and teens will love it because they can do some cool tricks with it! Check out the popup video below to get an idea of all the fun ways kids can play with this.

Click to watch video

Here’s some more features of this cool indoor active toy.

  • Helps kids learn snowboarding, skiing and surfing skills
  • Supports up to 500 lbs (according to Spooner Boards website)
  • Sturdy construction
  • For indoor and outdoor use

Not only is this a balancing toy, but kids use it outdoors to slide down grass and snow covered hills too. And parents are loving this just for a good core and leg workout!

Age: 3+

A Spooner Board is one of the more unique indoor exercise toys for kids

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River Stone Balancing Toy

River Stone Balancing Set is a unique indoor energy burning toy for kidsRiver Stone Balancing SetRiver Stone Balancing Set

This River Stone Balancing Set is a neat way to create a balance and coordination challenge for kids. Also good for testing party guests’ ability to drive home  😉 .

Kids love rearranging these to create all kinds of skill games. Set a timer to see who can get across them quickest, set them up as part of an indoor obstacle course…you get the idea. They’re super versatile.

Here’s some more features of this indoor toy that active kids will enjoy.

  • Different levels and sizes to hone balance skills
  • Stackable for easy storage
  • Safe to use on any surface, in or out
  • Supports up to 110 lbs

Parents love these to keep their kids active and busy! Gonge also makes taller Hilltop Stones and many parents like using the two types together.

Age: 3-7

The River Stone balancing set is a great indoor toy for active kids to teach them balance

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You might want to check out these stepping stones from National geographic Kids. They’re similar to River Stones, but you get twice as many for a lower price!

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Stepping Stones for Kids – 10 Durable...
  • TEST YOUR BALANCE - Show off your balancing skills while jumping from stone...
  • MADE TO LAST – Our unique foam formula is both flexible and durable...
  • DURABLE YET SOFT - These colorful stones are lightweight and soft to the...

Below are a couple more balance toys that are popular. The stilts are super fun and kids love clomping around in the Monster Feet to practice their coordination and balance skills.

Walkaroo Stilts are fun indoor toys for active kidsWalkaroo StiltsWalkaroo StiltsMonster Feet are a fun indoor toy to keep kids activeMonster FeetMonster Feet


A Bilibo is a great indoor active toy for kids to burn off energyBiliboBilibo

The Bilibo is an award-winning, Swiss designed toy sensation! Kids can sit, stand, spin or rock in it – and so much more.

They can put it on their backs and pretend to be a turtle, or tie a scarf to it and pull their Barbies around. They can take it out outside and roll in in the grass in it or put it in the pool (or tub) and give their action figures a sea adventure.

It’s crazy how such a simple thing inspires so many play ideas, but read the positive reviews and you’ll see that it absolutely does. Here’s some more reasons the Bilibo is quickly becoming a favorite indoor active kids toy.

  • Extremely durable
  • Comes in several colors
  • Fit 2 or more together for more creative play options
  • Inspires open-ended play

Age: 2-7

The Bilibo balancing toy is a versatile indoor toy for active kids

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Speaking of balance toys, check out the Monkey Board by Alex Toys. It’s a super popular indoor active toy for kids ages 3 and up.

Alex Active Monkey Kids Toddler Balance Board
  • Steady on your feet is overrated
  • Promotes hours of fun and gross motor skill development
  • Parenting magazine mom tested pick

Scooter Board

This Scooter Board from Hand2Mind is a throw-back to my elementary school days! This simple toy teaches balance and coordination and is a BLAST for kids, both indoors and out.

The wheels spin in all directions, so kids can scoot with no limits (and your floor is safe because the wheels are plastic)! Plus, it supports up to 175 pounds. This indoor toy for active kids is perfect for something fun to do in bad weather and is a hit for ages 3 and up.

A Scooter Board is a great indoor toy for active kids

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Indoor Sports Toys for Active Kids

Franklin Sports Indoor Hockey 2 In 1 Set

Indoor Hockey Sets are cool indoor sports toys to keep kids activeIndoor Hockey SetIndoor Hockey Set

This Franklin Sports Indoor Hockey set is a great way for kids of all ages to burn off energy! It comes with regular adjustable height hockey sticks, plus a shorter pair for knee hockey (or for preschoolers).

Parents are giving this set glowing reviews and here’s a few reasons why:

  • Goals fold for easy storage
  • 2 games in one
  • Includes 3 foam pucks

The suggested age is 3-7, but older kids love a rousing game of indoor knee hockey and so do moms and dads! After all, what better way to make use of a long hallway?

Age: 3+

An indoor hockey set is one of the best indoor sports toys for kids

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Dodge Ball and Ping Pong

Kids can bring versions of these two fun outdoor sports inside with the next two indoor sports toys for active kids. First is Diggin DodgeTag, which comes with velcro vests and foam balls so kids can have epic battles and really burn off some energy when cooped up in the house. And don’t worry, these are great for outdoors too so as soon as the sun comes out, they can continue the game in the yard!

I really want one of these Door Pong sets. This looks so fun. Simply attach it to the door frame and adjust the length of the string and kids can play table-less ping pong! This is for ages 6 to 11 (what can I say, I’m 11 at heart).

Diggin DodgeTag is an epic indoor sports toy for active kidsDiggin DodgeTagDiggin DodgeTagDoor Pong is a new indoor sports toy for active kids to get some exerciseDoor PongDoor Pong

Door Pong is a really fun indoor toy for active kids

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Hover Air Powered Soccer Ball Set

Hover Air Soccer game is a great indoor sports toy for active kidsHover AirHover Air

When it comes to really cool indoor toys for active kids, this Air Powered Soccer Ball wins the cup!

This floating soccer ball works like an air hockey table – it sucks air in through the top and expels it out the bottom, causing it to “float” on the floor. Kids only need to tap it a bit to get it to glide across the floor. Here’s a few more features of this active toy for kids.

  • Lights up for fun nighttime play
  • Works on low carpet or hard floors
  • Foam edging so you’re furniture is safe
  • Can also be used outdoors

The set even comes with goals and an inflatable ball. This is a really fun and inexpensive indoor sports toy that kids of all ages love. I bought one for my 12-year old nephew and his younger siblings and it was a hit!

Age: 3+

No products found.

No products found.

Little Tikes EasyScore Basketball Set

Easy Score Basketball Set is one of the most popular indoor sports toys for active kidsEasy Score Basketball SetEasy Score Basketball Set

Little dunkers can practice for their eventual NBA tryouts with the EasyScore Basketball Set. A wide rim and smaller sized balls make dunking a breeze and encourages young players to keep playing.

Here’s some more reasons this is an awesome indoor sports toy for kids.

  • 6 Height adjustments from 2-4 feet
  • Base can be weighted with sand or water if needed
  • Great for indoors or out
  • Includes 3 balls

I love that this is portable enough to tote indoors or out, as weather dictates. According to the positive reviews, parents and preschoolers are loving this set. No wonder it’s a top-selling indoor toy for active kids!

Age: 18 months – 5 years

The Easy Score Basketball setis the perfect indoor sports toy for active kids to burn energy

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Here are a couple more highly rated active toys for this age range. The golf set is so cute and your little Tiger Jr. will get lots of exercise running after the balls (the trick is to place the target cup waaaay across the room!). And while the kiddos are stuck indoors, you may as well get some housework out of them with the Lets Play House set. Cause moms know how much exercise sweeping and mopping actually is!

Little Tikes Golf Set is a fun indoor sports toy for kidsLittle Tikes Golf SetLittle Tikes Golf SetLet's Play House! is a great indoor energy burning toy for kidsLet’s Play House!Let's Play House!

Gym1 Deluxe Indoor Playground

Deluxe Indoor Gym is an awesome indoor exercise toy for active kidsDeluxe Indoor GymDeluxe Indoor Gym

The Deluxe Indoor Playground by Gym1 is amazing! It transforms any standard doorway in your home to a mini basic training camp for kids.

The base installs easily to a door frame and there are 5 attachments for climbing, swinging, pulling and trapezing. Here’s some more details about this indoor active toy that kids and parents love.

  • Supports up to 300 lbs!
  • Simple installation and take down
  • Unit weighs less than 10 lbs
  • Fits most standard doorways between 25-36 inches wide.

Gym1 was designed by a couple of Harvard grads who wanted to encourage their own kids to keep active. It has been widely used to help combat child obesity. 

You’ll want to measure your door frame carefully to make sure it falls into their “standard” range. It will NOT fit in doorways wider than 36 inches. In the Amazon listing you will see a detailed photo showing exactly where and how to measure your doorway to make sure this fits.

Also, be sure to test the strength of your door frame. If it’s very old or loose, it will need reinforcing in order to use this.

There is a smaller Gym1 Indoor Playground as well. It’s the same set, minus two of the pieces.

The Gym1 has RAVE reviews, both on and off Amazon. It really is a complete mini indoor playground and an awesome way for kids to stay active when they’re stuck indoors!

Age: 3-12

Jazzminton Paddle Ball

Jazzminton is a fun indoor toy for active kidsJazzmintonJazzminton

Jazzminton is a cross between paddle ball, ping pong and badminton. The kids get to whack the birdies back and forth and you get to keep your knick-knacks intact. Theoretically, anyway.

I suppose if you hit the feathered birdies hard enough, they could knock a Hummel over, but in general Jazzminton is a safe active indoor game to play in the house.

This set comes with 2 slow birdies and two fast ones for more advanced players. Kids can bat the birdie alone or back and forth and they get better with practice, so they’ll like this more and more as they play with it.

It’s great fun outdoors too. We had a similar set and I used to drive my husband crazy when we went camping because I always wanted him to play with me so I could work off those s’mores.  😛

Anyhoo, you can add to the fun by using LED light up birdies for night time play!

Age: 6+

A bowling set is another good indoor energy-burning toy for kids. Check out the one below for ages 3-6.

On Sale!
Kids Bowling Set Toddler Toys for 2 3 4 5 Years Old Boys Girls,...
  • Soft Kids Bowling Set Toy: When kids play the bowling game indoor, the soft...
  • Numbers Toys Bowling Pins for Toddlers: There are 10 colorful numbers from...
  • Great Indoor Toys for Toddlers: The bowling toys balls for toddlers 1-3 are...

Indoor Active Games To Get Kids Moving

Ribbon Ninja and I Got This Games

Fat Brain Toys comes up with some really creative indoor energy burning games and toys. Their Ribbon Ninja game challenges kids’ reflexes and quick-thinking ability as they try to steal their opponents’ ribbons. It’s a simple game but a lot of fun for small groups. It’s for ages 6 to 10 (but adults are loving it too!)

Their I Got This game consists of all kinds of physical challenges for kids to take on…if they decide the reward is worth it. It’s for the tween set, ages 8 and up.

Ribbon Ninja is a fun indoor energy burning game for kidsRibbon NinjaRibbon NinjaI Got This! is a challenging indoor toy for active kids to burn off energyI Got This!I Got This!

Ribbon Ninja is an awesome indoor active game for kids to get exercise indoors

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Melissa & Doug Hop and Count Hopscotch Game Rug

Hopscotch Rugs are one of the best indoor toys for active kids to burn off some energyHopscotch RugHopscotch Rug

Surely a game that started out as a military training exercise for early Roman soldiers is enough to keep stir-crazy kids busy, right? Well, it’s at least worth a try and this Melissa & Doug Hopscotch Game Rug makes it easy to give it a whirl!

Here’s a few reasons this Hopscotch rug is one of the best indoor toys for active kids.

  • Roomy width compared to others (it’s 26.5″ wide)
  • Machine washable (I suggest gentle cycle)
  • Comes with 2 beanbag markers

I love the bright, cheery colors and design of this one too. The squares and numbers are big and clear. With a reasonable price and great reviews, this one’s a winner!

And check out these highly-rated Shapes Bean Bags. Having a set of these on hand is a good idea in case you have more than 2 kids playing hopscotch. Plus, they give opportunities for the kids to make up their own bean bag tossing games. (Hint: save your coffee cans to turn into bean bag toss receptacles!)

Age: 3-7

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A Hopscotch Rug is a fun indoor active game for kids to burn energy while stuck indoors

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Educational Insights Pancake Pile-Up! Relay Game

Pancake Pile-Up! game is one of the best indoor active toys for kidsPancake Pile-Up!Pancake Pile-Up!

The award-winning Pancake Pile-Up! Game is a relay race where kids have to grab the correct pancake off the griddle and race to put it on the customer’s plate. The first one to complete a stack in the right order (ending with the butter pat on top, of course) wins the game.

Here’s a few reasons why parents and kids are loving this fast-paced game.

  • For 2 players or up to 12 in teams
  • Everything stores in one box
  • Doubles as a fun pretend play diner set
  • Teaches sequencing, matching, coordination and many other skills

The further away you place the plates, the more exercise your little flapjack servers get! The game comes with order cards for kids to match their stacks to, but kids could also make their own for some additional challenges. Throw on a side of eggs and bacon or add pretend cups of coffee – there’s loads of imaginative possibilities!

Check out all the positive reviews on this one and you’ll see why this game is another one of my very favorite indoor toys for active kids to keep busy!

Age: 3+

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Pancake Pileup Game is a fun indoor toy for active kids

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Keyboard Playmat

Keyboard Playmats are great indoor energy burning toys Keyboard PlaymatKeyboard Playmat

Next on our list is a musical indoor active toy. Kids will have a blast creating toe tunes with this Floor Keyboard Playmat. They can tap, jump and slide their way through favorite melodies or  just free-romp their own unique sound.

Take a look at some more details about this fun indoor active toy.

  • 71″ long
  • Has record and playback modes
  • Most important: Volume Control!
  • 8 instrument sounds
  • Folds for storage
  • Requires 4 AA batteries (not included)

Some reviewers complained the instruments didn’t sound much different from one another, but despite that, this Keyboard Playmat is a best seller and parents and kids love it!

It’s a fun way to encourage both movement and creativity in the kiddos. And admit it – seeing this makes you want to reenact that scene from the movie Big, doesn’t it?

Age: 3+

A floor keyboard play mat is a fun indoor toy for active kids to burn some energy

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Magic Moves Electronic Wand

Magic Moves is a fun indoor toy for active kidsMagic MovesMagic Moves

The Magic Moves Electronic Wand was invented by a preschool teacher who wanted an engaging way for kids to have fun while getting some exercise in her class. Her invention won several toy awards and is a big seller!

It gives quirky commands like, “Spin like a top,” or “Strut like a duck.” Each command is followed by about 30 seconds of music so kids can move around and follow the command.

Check out some of the fun features of this toy:

  • Gives over 90 directions 
  • Engaging twinkling lights
  • Develops creativity and listening skills
  • Requires 3 AAA batteries (included!)

Kids can also have fun just engaging in pretend play with it too. Magic Moves really is a versatile indoor toy for active kids to get some exercise and stay entertained! 

Age: 3-6

There’s also the Jammin’ Gym active toy for kids, pictured below on the left, which has more exercise oriented-commands.

Speaking of commands for kids to act out, another great active indoor toy is the highly-rated game, Charades for Kids, pictured on the right. This is great for all ages because younger kids can just act out the picture where older ones can read the other choices on the card.

Jammin' Gym is another fun indoor active toys for kids to burn off energyJammin’ GymJammin' GymCharades for Kids is a fun indoor active game for kidsCharades for KidsCharades for Kids

Ultra Dash

Ultra Dash is a cool indoor toy for active kids to get some exerciseUltra DashUltra Dash

Ultra Dash is a timed electronic game where kids race to gather up colored targets in a particular order and the one who completes the course the fastest, wins. There are 3 different play modes:

  • Beat the Clock – Times how long each player takes to collect all the targets
  • Target Tally – Set a time goal and see who can gather all the targets within that time
  • Relay Race – Times how long a team takes to collect the targets (get 2 for the teams to compete against each other)

When you pound the target with the device, it will make a sound to let you know it registered before moving on to the next target.

Kids can place the targets anywhere they want in the house, allowing for some creative relay courses. Plus, there are some other variations you can set within the game to make it even more challenging. Oh, and it comes with the 3 AAA batteries it requires.

The Ultra Dash is a 2018 Toy of The Year finalist and a great toy to keep kids active while they’re stuck indoors. Kids can play with this outdoors too, but the lights on it can be a little difficult to see in the sunlight. This is a good one to just keep stashed for those indoor emergency play needs!

Age: 6+

Below are two more fun  indoor toys for active kids to get moving. Hyper Toss challenges kids to toss and catch the ball in the correct colored cup. It’s sort of a cross between Simon Says and Ball-in-a-Cup. And Fitivities is a board game featuring fun exercises that will tire your little athletes out.

Hyper Toss is a cool indoor toy for active kidsHyper TossHyper TossFitivities game is a great indoor exercise game for kidsFitivitiesFitivities

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Alex Toys Yoga Blocks & Mat

These fun new toys from Alex Toys help keep kids active indoors or out in a very Zen way. The Yoga Activity Blocks include cards with easy Yoga poses on them, and cards with a specified length of time on them. Kids roll both blocks to see which pose they have to hold for how long.

The Yoga Activity Mat consists of foam puzzle pieces that map out simple yoga moves in a colorful, easy to follow manner.

Both of these indoor exercise toys help active kids develop better strength, balance and focus. What more could you want from an indoor toy?

Yoga Blocks are a fun toy for active kids to burn energy indoorsYoga BlocksYoga BlocksYoga Activity Mat is a great indoor exercise toy for kidsYoga Activity MatYoga Activity Mat

More Indoor Toys for Active Kids

We end our list of energy-burning indoor toys and games with a few inexpensive board and card games. Each of these gets kids moving in creative and fun ways and will keep the kiddos entertained!

Card 'N' Go Seek is an indoor active game for kidsCard ‘N’ Go SeekCard 'N' Go SeekThe Floor is Lava game is a fun indoor toy for active kids to playThe Floor is LavaThe Floor is LavaUnicorn Ring Toss is an indoor energy burning toy for kidsUnicorn Ring TossUnicorn Ring TossI Can Do That game is the perfect indoor toy for active kidsI Can Do ThatI Can Do ThatDon't Step In It is a funny indoor energy burning game toy for kidsDon’t Step In ItDon't Step In ItSturdy Birdy is a neat indoor active toy for kidsSturdy BirdySturdy Birdy

Grab a few of these indoor toys for your active kids to get their energy out the next time they’re cooped up inside. Trust me, Future You will thank Past You for your brilliant forethought!

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