Popular Toys for Girls Age 6 to 8 – The Latest Toys They’re Loving!

If you are gift shopping for a young girl, you need to know the popular toys for girls age 6 to 8.

Oh, but not just the latest toys, you need to be up on the hottest toys – which ones are sure to be on her “most-wanted” toy list.

The popular toys for girls in 2021 include lots of teeny surprises, cuddly pets, cool tech, and oh…llama anything! There’s bound to be a toy listed here that the 6, 7 or 8-year-old girl in your life wants.

best toys and gifts for kids

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Popular Toys for Girls Age 6 to 8

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Cool Toys and Gifts for Girls Ages 6 to 8

I want to start off our gift guide for girls with a few highly-rated, unique gifts for girls. The latest toys are always on a girl’s wish list, but sometimes it’s fun to find an unexpected gift that you know they’ll love. Here’s a few gift ideas like that.

Unicorn Bathrobe is a great gift for girls age 6 to 8Unicorn BathrobeUnicorn BathrobeSewing Kit is a good gift for girlsSewing KitSewing KitCustom  Journal is a great gift for girls age 6 to 8Custom JournalCustom  JournalSlime Making Kit is a fun toy for girlsSlime Making KitSlime Making KitPlay Tent is a popular toy for girlsPlay TentPlay TentBox of Cute Rings is a popular gift for girls age 6 and 7 years oldBox of Cute RingsBox of Cute RingsFairy Lantern Kit is a popular gift for girlsFairy Lantern KitFairy Lantern KitGlow in Dark Blanket is a great gift for girls age 6Glow in Dark BlanketGlow in Dark BlanketStencil Set is a fun toy for girlsStencil SetStencil Set

Cool New Toys for Girls

And now on to the new releases in toys for girls, along with a few favorites from recent years.

Chocolate Pen

Chocolate Pen is one of the latest toys for girlsChocolate PenChocolate Pen

The new Chocolate Pen from Skyrocket Toys is an upgraded version of a popular favorite. What’s not to love about writing in chocolate?

Kids can use the molds to make their creations or totally freehand it. The pen is easy to use, it even fills itself as soon as it is dipped into the melted chocolate tray.

It’s especially fun to make cute chocolate toppers for cupcakes. Aspiring bakers will love this fun toy and mom or dad might want to borrow it to dazzle the guests with creative desserts.

Age 6+

WowWee MiP Arcade Robot

WowWee MiP Arcade is one of the latest toys for girls and boysWowWee MiP ArcadeWowWee MiP Arcade

WowWee brings us an update to their MiP robot toy with the MiP Arcade. He responds to touch, motion and sound and kids can command him to do different things.

What’s cool about him is he’s self-balancing and can carry small things on his tray. “Kids, mom needs a glass of wine over here!” (just kidding…) MiP plays basketball and dances, and kids can play all kinds of brain games with him via a free app.

The Toy Insider voted MiP a top holiday toy for 2020 too!

Age 6+

Rainbow Jellies

Rainbow Jellies are new toys for girlsRainbow JelliesRainbow Jellies

Rainbow Jellies are these cute, colorful squishy toys that kids can customize and make themselves.

Kids pick one of four molds, then a face, hair color and gel color. It’s super easy and parents love that even though it involves squishy gel, it is NOT MESSY. Score!

It’s one of the latest toys for girls and so far is a winner! (And boys who like crafts, might like it too!)

Age 6+

Purple Ladybug Decorate Your Stuff Mega Pack

Purple Ladybug Pack is a cool gift for girlsPurple Ladybug PackPurple Ladybug Pack

The young girl on your gift list will love the Purple Ladybug Sticker and Craft Mega Pack. It includes stickers, stencils, backgrounds, glitter, gems and tons more supplies for girls to decorate the heck out of their stuff.

This creative pack works on any flat, smooth surface. So that means bike helmets, mugs, water bottles, notebooks, phone cases…anything she deems in need of some bling.

What a great way to encourage free creativity in kids. It’s a super great price too.

Age 4+

furReal Mama Josie and Moodwing Dragon

furReal’s latest toys for girls (and boys!) are a mama kangaroo with joeys and a moody baby dragon with beautiful wings. Ah, what a world full of wonders we are in!

Mama Josie the Kangaroo interacts with her young caregivers by responding to touch and sound. She’s a good little mama and cares for her little joeys too!

Moodwings Baby Dragon shows how she’s feeling with her eye and tummy color and gracefully folds her wings when she’s ready to sleep. Her caretakers can feed her a bottle and give her a pacifier.

Either of these latest toys for girls will make a lovely gift for girls age 6 to 8.

Age 4+

Moodwings Baby Dragon is one of the latest toys for girls and boysMoodwings Baby DragonMoodwings Baby DragonMama Josie The Kangaroo is a new toy for girls age 6Mama Josie The KangarooMama Josie The Kangaroo

L.O.L. Surprise! O.M.G. Winter Chill Dolls

L.O.L. Surprise! dolls and merchandise have exploded since they came out a few years ago. One of our favorite new releases this year are the O.M.G. Winter Chill dolls. Each one is fashionably unique and comes with an adorbs little sister, plus of course, surprises. There are four new ones and you can check each of them out below.

Age 4+

Winter Chill ICY Gurl is a popular toy for girlsWinter Chill ICY GurlWinter Chill ICY GurlWinter Chill Big Wig is a new toy for girlsWinter Chill Big WigWinter Chill Big WigWinter Chill Camp Cutie is one of the latest toys for girlsWinter Chill Camp CutieWinter Chill Camp CutieWinter Chill Missy Meow is one of the latest toys for girlsWinter Chill Missy MeowWinter Chill Missy Meow

TIP: Amazon usually has the best prices and availability of L.O.L. Surprise toys, but make sure the one you purchase says “ships from and sold by Amazon.com” to avoid getting a copycat toy.

Hatchimals CollEGGtibles Season 8 Cosmic Candy

Cosmic Candy 12-Pack is one of the latest toys for girls and boysCosmic Candy 12-PackCosmic Candy 12-Pack

CollEGGtibles are cute little critters that kids LOVE to hatch and collect. The bottom shell becomes a “nest” and display spot for the hatchling. The latest season 8 are the Cosmic Candy Secret Snacks which are soooo cute.

These cute little mini eggs won the 2018 Family Choice Awards, given to products they feel are the most family-friendly.

There are tons to collect in each season so if the young girl in your life likes them, you’re set for gift ideas for a while. You can check out all the CollEGGtibles here.

Age 5+

The brand new Cosmic Candy Shop below is the perfect playset for girls to use with their surprise candy treats!

On Sale!
Hatchimals CollEGGtibles, Cosmic Candy Shop 2-in-1 Playset with...
  • 2 PLAYSETS IN 1: Flip the playset around for 2 fun ways to play. There’s...
  • EXCLUSIVE PIXIE AND HATCHIMAL: This set has an exclusive Galaxy Gwen Pixie...
  • 14 ACCESSORIES: Play out your Cosmic Candy stories with 14 super cute...

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Popular Toy for Girls – Hatchimals Secret Surprise

Hatchimals Secret Surprise are popular toys for girls for ChristmasHatchimals Secret SurpriseHatchimals Secret Surprise

Nope, the Hatchimals craze isn’t over. But why should it be when they keep coming out with cuter and cuter twists on the whole “life inside an egg” thing?

The Hatchimals Secret Surprise Playsets were released last year and are still very popular toys for girls age 6 to 8. These are about 5 inches high, so a little bigger than the Colleggtibles, but they are part of the Colleggtibles series.

Each level of the egg reveals a surprise collectible and accessories, plus there’s a background with stickers for kids to decorate their scene for display and play. There’s six surprise scenes to collect.

Girls still love these and they come at a great price too!

The Hatchimals Secret Surprise is a popular toy for girls age 6 to 8

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DC Super Hero Girls Dolls

Girls can create all kinds of super hero adventures with the DC Super Hero Girls Dolls. Unlike some of the other DC Super Hero dolls, most of the joints are bendable on these so they can be posed in lots of heroic stances.

These dolls are about Barbie-doll sized, at about 12″ – 13″ tall. There are a few to choose from, but below are my two favorites.

Age 6+

DC Super Hero Wonder Woman is a popular toy for girls age 6DC Super Hero Wonder WomanDC Super Hero Wonder WomanDC Super Hero Super Girl is a fun toy for 6 year old girlsDC Super Hero Super GirlDC Super Hero Super Girl

Here are a couple more Superhero inspired gifts for girls. I especially like the Captain Marvel “What Makes A Hero” book with inspirational messages from female Marvel heroes. The messages aren’t all about “girl power” either – boys would benefit from these too!

What Makes a Hero book is a great gift for girlsWhat Makes a Hero bookWhat Makes a Hero bookGirls Squad T-Shirt is a great gift for girlsGirls Squad T-ShirtGirls Squad T-Shirt

Eyeclops Digital Microscope & Camera

EyeClops Microscope & Camera is a cool toy for girls and boysEyeClops Microscope & CameraEyeClops Microscope & Camera

Kids can get up close and personal with the world around them with this Eyeclops Microscope & Camera. This is really cool because it magnifies the subject up to 800x. Hello, mold in the cereal bowl that’s been in her room for a week. Eww.

Your budding researcher can can make a record of her discoveries in images or video and save them to their computer or upload them for their friends via USB cable or MicroSD card.

Parents report this is a great tool for those home science lessons too. This one is a nice gift for girls and boys that the whole family can enjoy.

Age 4+

Twisty Girlz are Popular Toys for Girls

Twisty Girlz are one of the latest popular toys for girlsTwisty GirlzTwisty Girlz

Twisty Petz came out a couple years ago to rave reviews and are still going strong as a popular toy for girls. It’s still one of my favorites, but then… I’m a sucker for bling.  😉

New to their line are Twisty Girlz, which are twisty dolls with a cute pet. Girls can still twist these jeweled characters into bracelets or backpack charms and create a colorful look all their own.

This is such a cute toy for the price, with lots of wearable plus play value. Twisty Petz make great stocking stuffers for girls too. You can check out all of the available Twisty Petz here.

Age 4+

Botley The Coding Robot 2.0 Activity Set

Botley 2.0 Activity Set is a new toy for girls and boysBotley 2.0 Activity SetBotley 2.0 Activity Set

Botley 2.0 is a new and improved version of the Botley STEM toy released last year. The props included in this activity set enable kids to code Botley to interact or maneuver around them.

The nice thing about Botley 2.0 compared to other coding toys is that he does not require an app or smartphone or tablet to work. Parents and kids are really loving that!

Botley requires 5 AAA batteries, so be prepared for that. So far, parents report that he is a fun and easy way for their kids to learn coding skills. If you are looking for an educational STEM toy for a gift, This is a good one!

Age 7+

The Blinger is a Fun Toy for Girls!

Blinger Ultimate Set is a popular toy for girlsBlinger Ultimate SetBlinger Ultimate Set

Where was this when I was a kid?? The Blinger Ultimate Set is a cool toy for girls who love bling. It makes it easy to put pretty gems in their hair or on their shoes, clothes or accessories.

This new Ultimate Set comes with 225 multi-colored gems and there are several refill packs available with gems in different shapes and colors.

Girls will love blinging out all their belongings…might want to hide the cat!

Age 6+

New Toys for Girls Who Love LEGOs

The top toys for girls each year always include the latest LEGO sets. This year there are lots of new sets, but here are a few of my favorite new LEGO toys for girls ages 6 to 8.

LEGO Dots are brand new kits that combine crafts with building. These are really cool. There are all kinds of newly released sets but two of my favorites are the Magic Forest bracelet (there are tons of different bracelets to choose from) and the Jewelry Box. You can check out all of the LEGO Dots sets here.

LEGO Friends has fun new sets too, including the Panda Jungle Treehouse and the adorable Beach House.

LEGO DOTS  Bracelets are the latest toys for girls age 6 and 7LEGO DOTS BraceletLEGO DOTS  BraceletLEGO DOTS Jewelry Box is a new toy for girlsLEGO DOTS Jewelry BoxLEGO DOTS Jewelry BoxLEGO Friends Beach House is one of the latest toys for girlsLEGO Friends Beach HouseLEGO Friends Beach HouseLEGO Friends Panda Jungle is a new toy girls loveLEGO Friends Panda JungleLEGO Friends Panda Jungle

I have to add a super popular LEGO toy for girls from last year here, the Frozen II Elsa’s Jewelry Box Creation. You can take a look at it below.

LEGO Disney Frozen II Elsa’s Jewelry Box Creation 41168 Disney...
  • Kids will love making their own Elsa Frozen II jewelry box to safely store...
  • This DIY jewelry box is a great arts and craft activity for hours of...
  • This cool DIY craft lets boys and girls aged 6+ build a decorative jewelry...

Juno My Baby Elephant

Juno My Baby Elephant is one of the popular toys for girls ages 6 to 8 for ChristmasJuno My Baby ElephantJuno My Baby Elephant

Juno My Baby Elephant was introduced at the 2019 Toy Fair and has tons of fans! She was a very popular toys for girls and boys last Christmas.

Juno is shy at first, but with petting and loving, she comes out of her shell and begins to use her trunk for all kinds of mischief. She reacts to touch, plays games, eats her peanut (or throws it!) and plays with her toy mouse.

Juno’s antics are adorable, as is her baby elephant voice. Kids and parents are quite taken with her and she is still a popular toy for girls and boys.

Age 5+

Juno My Baby Elephant is a fun toy for girls age 6

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Hatchimals Pixies are the Cutest Toys for Girls Age 6

Hatchimals Pixies are popular toys for girlsHatchimals PixiesHatchimals Pixies

I’ve lost track of how many Hatchimals toys have been released since they first came out a couple years ago…but the Hatchimals Pixies are my FAVs so far!

Oh my gosh, these are CUTE! What’s not to love about tiny little sparkly fairies hatching from eggs?? There’s 4 different eggs and each egg hatches 1 of 2 possible pixies.

Each pixie comes with 3 mystery accessories and sits on a tiny little pixie bed. I love how the accessories all store nicely in the bottom of the egg too!

This toy for girls was a huge hit last year and are still selling well. What an adorable stocking stuffer idea!

Age 5+

Two more additions to the little Pixies are these 2-pack sets. The Royals and the Vacay Style. Cuteness overload!

Hatchimals, Pixies Royals 2-Pack, 2.5-Inch Collectible Dolls and...
  • ROYAL ACCESSORIES AND SPINNING DANCE FLOOR: Help get your Pixies ready for...
  • GLITTERY HAIR AND DRESS: Pixies Royals are dressed to impress! Each doll...
  • HATCH 2 ROYAL SHIMMERY EGGS: With 4 eggs available, this 2-Pack includes 2...
Hatchimals Pixies 2-Pack, Vacay Style 2.5-inch Surprise...
  • 2 VACAY STYLE PIXIES TOYS FOR GIRLS: This exclusive 2-Pack is the perfect...
  • TRAVEL IN STYLE: Each Pixie’s stylish look is inspired by her location!...
  • DECORATE THE SUITCASES: The Pixies Vacay Style small dolls in this 2-Pack...

Hatchimal Pixies Crystal Flyers

Brand new to the Hatchimal Pixies line are the Crystal Flyers. These pretty pixies actually fly about, enchanting girls and parents both. And charging is easy with an included USB cable. Yup, that’s right – no batteries!

Kids will need a little supervision with these at first, to ensure these fluttering fairies don’t crash into screens or get tangled in long hair, but overall they have great ratings and kids are enjoying them. They will be a popular Christmas toy for girls age 6 and 7.

Crystal Flyers are popular toys for girls age 6 and 7 years old

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Hatchimals Pixies Riders

Another new and popular toy for girls from Hatchimals are the Pixies Riders. I really like these because the Pixies have poseable legs so they fit right on their pet glider. Each set comes with cute accessories to discover and the box becomes a backdrop for imaginative play. There are 10 different Pixies Riders to collect!

Pixies Riders are among the latest toys for girls in 2020

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The Barbie Care Clinic

Barbie Care Clinic Vehicle is a popular toy for girlsBarbie Care Clinic VehicleBarbie Care Clinic Vehicle

The Barbie Care Clinic came out a couple years ago and it’s still a popular toy for girls this year. When Barbie sprains her ankle from partying a little too hearty in the Dream House, she can just hobble on over to her neighborhood clinic on wheels and get all fixed up!

This thing is a cross between an ambulance and a Quick Care, with it’s working lights and siren and waiting room stocked with the latest Barbie fashion magazines.

Seriously…Mattel put all kinds of cute details in this set, right down to flowers in the gift shop and an adjustable gurney with storage.

It’s wide open for lots of imaginative play! It doesn’t come with a Barbie doll (most of these sets don’t)  but you can always get the Barbie Doctor Doll to go with it.

Ages 3-7

On the topic of Barbies (because it’s one of my favorite toys!), below are a few of the newer Barbies that the 6 and 7-year-old girl on your list will love! Barbies are always popular toys for girls. (I played with mine till I was about 10!)

Barbie Spa Day is a new toy for girlsBarbie Spa DayBarbie Spa DayStroll ‘n Play Pups is one of the latest toys for girlsStroll ‘n Play PupsStroll ‘n Play PupsColor Reveal Slumber Party is a popular toy for girlsColor Reveal Slumber PartyColor Reveal Slumber PartyBarbie Baby Doctor is a popular toy for girls age 6Barbie Baby DoctorBarbie Baby DoctorBabysitters Nap & Nurture is a fun toy for girlsBabysitters Nap & NurtureBabysitters Nap & NurtureBarbie Dream Closet is one of the latest toys for girlsBarbie Dream ClosetBarbie Dream Closet

Barbie 3-in-1 DreamCamper is the Latest Toy for Girls

The brand new Barbie DreamCamper is not as bougie as her RV, but Barbie has her practical side and this modest glamper suits her just fine. It includes a pickup truck, camper, canoe and all her necessary camping gear, like a pool, rooftop bed, and smores. This playset does not come with a Barbie, but here is a Traveling Skipper doll dressed for camping.

Age 3+

Barbie DreamCamper is one of the latest toys for girls

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Pixie Bells Toys for Girls

Pixie Belles are popular toys for girlsPixie Belles – AuroraPixie Belles - Aurora

Pixie Belles came out last year from WowWee, the makers of many popular interactive pets.

These cute little creatures dance, spin, kiss you on the cheek, and respond to pets and cuddles. Their horn lights up to let you know if they’re in a dancing mood or a nurture mood.

Their magnetic bottom makes them wearable, so kids can take them anywhere and they’re inexpensive enough that kids can get more than one and interchange those furry, colorful tails.

Age 5+

Pixie Belles are cute gifts for 6 year old girls

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Pomsies are Popular Toys for Girls

Pomsies Pinky Plush are popular toys for girls this ChristmasPomsies Pinky PlushPomsies Pinky Plush

Pomsies were released at the 2018 Toy Fair and have been very popular with our readers so we’re keeping them on our list of top toys for girls this year.

These soft, furry interactive pets have flexible tails that wrap around wrists, ankles, backpacks and anywhere else girls want to carry them.

Their eyes change color to signify their needs and they will warble, purr, and sing their way into the hearts of the girls on your gift list! There are several to choose from, so you can see all of the available Pomsies here.

Ages 3+

L.O.L. Surprise! Winter Chill Cabin

Winter Chill Cabin is a popular toy for girlsWinter Chill CabinWinter Chill Cabin

As if they don’t have enough, those tiny, spoiled L.O.L. dolls get a Winter Chill Cabin in which to party it up. And what a cabin it is!

This thing is nearly 3 feet tall and wide and comes with over 95 surprises for girls to discover. Not only that, but it has twinkly lights, a working ski lift, an ice skating rink, and a snow blower in the chimney! O.M.G.!! Where was this when I was 6??

This is a little pricey, but would be an awesome gift for multiple little girls in a family to share. There’s definitely plenty of play room in it. It’s one of the hottest new LOL toys for girls!

Age 6+

The Winter Chill Cabin is one of the latest toys for girls

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L.O.L. Surprise! Glamper

LOL Surprise 4-in-1 Glamper is a new popular toy for girls in 2020LOL Surprise 4-in-1 GlamperLOL Surprise 4-in-1 Glamper

I’m a sucker for any toy that features campers, but throw in some bling and I’m completely sold! Now after wintering in their Cabin, the L.O.L. Surprise! dolls can summer in their all new and improved chic 4-in-1 Glamper Fashion Camper!

The Glamper comes with over 55 surprises and all the essentials one needs when camping, such as a pool, fashion runway, and DJ booth.

What’s super sweet about the glamper is the front detaches and is a vehicle on its own, so one of the tiny partiers can make an ice run whenever necessary. And what’s also cool is that it fits the larger O.M.G. Fashion dolls as well as the classic tiny dolls.

The updated glamper does not come with dolls though, but scroll on down to see some of the brand new LOL Surprise! dolls out this year.

This Glamper is one of the hottest new toys for girls and for everything you get, it’s a great price. It’s also large enough for multiple girls to play with so is a great gift for siblings to share.

Age 6+

The LOL Surprise Glamper is one of the hottest toys for 6 year old girls

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L.O.L. Surprise! OMG House with 85+ Surprises

New LOL Surprise OMG House is a very popular toy for girlsNew LOL Surprise OMG HouseNew LOL Surprise OMG House

There is an updated version of the wildly popular, award-winning L.O.L. Surprise! OMG House this year, so we are keeping it on our top toys for girls list. Almost as cool as the Cabin (and a little cheaper), here’s some fun features of it:

  • At 3 ft tall by 3 ft wide, there’s loads of room
  • Includes over 85 surprises, furniture and accessories
  • Has a working elevator, lights and sounds, pool and hot tub

Not only is this a great place to store all those past surprises, but there’s also lots of opportunity for imaginative play with this thing. Kids can make additional furniture for it out of household items (YouTube is full of tutorials for this!) and it can be used for other small dolls or Littlest Pet Shop characters. Be aware that this one does not come with dolls.

Age 6+

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More Latest Toys Girls Love from L.O.L. Surprise!

There are so many brand new L.O.L. Surprise! sets and dolls this year! In addition to the ones we mentioned above, here are a few more of our favorites. Scroll down to see the pictures.

L.O.L. Surprise! Clubhouse

The dolls can chill and recreate in this cool L.O.L. Surprise! Clubhouse which includes a skateboard zone and stargazing space. It’s slightly less expensive than the other similar sets and comes with 40+ surprises and 2 exclusive dolls.

L.O.L. Surprise! O.M.G. Remix Plane

The brand new Remix 4-in-1 plane converts to a car, mixing booth, and recording studio (because a plain plane just won’t do for the spoiled dolls). It comes with 50+ surprises to use with both sizes of dolls, but dolls are not included.

L.O.L. Surprise! O.M.G. Remix Super Surprise

The Remix Super Surprise set is the dolla palooza of doll sets! It comes with 4 fashion dolls (those are the larger sized L.O.L. Surprise! dolls) and their tiny little sisters, plus over 70 surprises to discover. Each of the dolls has instruments that really play and can “remix” together to create cool sounds. This is one of the top latest toys for girls this year!

L.O.L. Surprise! O.M.G. Remix Fashion Dolls

There are 4 new O.M.G. Remix Fashion Dolls released this year, different from the 4 that come with the Super Surprise set we mentioned above. Each doll comes with 25+ surprises, 2 outfits, plus a real record that reveals a music clip of her song. There is Lonestar, Kitty K, Honeylicious, and Pop B.B. to choose from.

L.O.L. Surprise! Present Surprise

The brand new Present Surprise dolls are cutely wrapped like a gift and each one is themed for a month of the year. They come with 8 surprises and a nice small price tag!

L.O.L. Surprise! Mini Fashion Doll

The Mini Fashion Dolls are mini me’s of the large-size Fashion Dolls and come with 15 surprises. The packaging turns into a cute little dressing room for the tiny fashionistas too! There are 4 to choose from – Neon Q.T., M.C. Swag, and Queen Bee,

L.O.L. Surprise! Clubhouse is one of the latest toys girls loveL.O.L. Surprise! ClubhouseL.O.L. Surprise! ClubhouseL.O.L. Surprise! Remix Plane is one of the newest toys for girls age 6L.O.L. Surprise! Remix PlaneL.O.L. Surprise! Remix PlaneOMG Remix Super Surprise is a popular toy for girls age 6 and 7 years oldOMG Remix Super SurpriseOMG Remix Super SurpriseOMG Remix Lonestar Doll is one of the latest toys for girlsOMG Remix Lonestar DollOMG Remix Lonestar DollPresent Surprise is a new toy for girls in 2020Present SurprisePresent SurpriseMini Fashion Neon Q.T. is a cute toy for girlsMini Fashion Neon Q.T.Mini Fashion Neon Q.T.

The L.O.L. JK Mini Fashion dolls are so cute. They have their very own Hair Salon Playset to priss and primp in and it is adorbs! Take a look at it below.

On Sale!
L.O.L. Surprise! Hair Salon Playset with 50 Surprises and...
  • Unbox 50 surprises in the first playset designed for L.O.L. Surprise. dolls...
  • Ways to Play: Hair salon, fashion closet, pull-out runway, mirror with...
  • Includes exclusive L.O.L. Surprise. J.K. mini fashion doll, Prim, with real...

Scientific Explorer Mind Blowing Science Kit

Mind Blowing Science Kit is a popular cool toy for girls and boysMind Blowing Science KitMind Blowing Science Kit

The wildly popular Scientific Explorer My First Science Kit makes our list of top toys for girls for the third year because it still garners rave reviews. Plus it’s a great tool to use for those at-home science lessons.

The 11 activities included in it are so fun and engaging, even parents are impressed. I mean, what’s not to love about giant, jiggly crystals?

The kit comes with most things you need, aside from some common household items most people already have (other than grape juice).

Age 6+

Below are a couple more highly-rated and very popular science kits that are cool toys for girls.

Magic Science Kit is a popular toy for girlsMagic Science KitMagic Science KitLight-up Terrarium is a cool toy for girls and boysLight-up TerrariumLight-up Terrarium

toys for girls age 6 to 8

Cubby The Curious Bear

furReal Cubby is a cute toy for girls age 6furReal CubbyfurReal Cubby

The latest addition to the FurReal line of electronic pets is Cubby, The Curious Bear. This thing was plucked straight outta’ the Country Bear Jamboree ride at Knott’s Berry Farm. #NowYouKnowImOld

Not only does Cubby have the sweetest face ever, but he has over 100 sound and movement combinations to delight kids. His favorite is the peek-a-boo game.

But the thing about Cubby that parents are going to love is his sleep mode. His sensors turn off so he won’t emit any creepy middle-of-the-night noises so he’s the perfect bedtime toy. Plus, he can play soothing sounds, like ocean, lullabies and white noise to help lull that energetic little girl to sleepyland.

Age 4+

cubby the Curious Bear is a popular toy for girls and boys

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Hairdorables Hair Art are Popular Toys for Girls

Hairdorables Hair Art Series are one of the latest toys for girls in 2020Hairdorables Hair Art SeriesHairdorables Hair Art Series

The brand new Season 5 Hair Art Series of Hairdorables are here! If you aren’t familiar, Hairdorables are dolls based on the hit YouTube channel, all about girls with big hair and big attitudes. They were introduced last year and girls can’t get enough of them.

There are 26 new dolls to collect, each with iconic, lustrous and colorful hair.

The thing girls are loving most about these little beauties is that you never know which one you will get. The thrill of opening the package and discovering which Hairdorable doll is inside, is all part of the gift, along with the 11 tiny surprises that reveal something about the doll’s personality and traits.

Girls are loving these adorable little dolls and the price is so good that it won’t break the bank to collect several of them. These are popular toys for girls and make great small gifts or Easter basket fillers.

Age 3+

New this year to the Hairdorables crew are the Hairmazing Prom Perfect dolls that are so glam and fun. Check them out below!

Hairdorables Hairmazing Prom Perfect Fashion Dolls, Bella, by...
  • It’s Prom Season, and the Hairmazing Squad is making their grand entrance...
  • The Hairmazing Squad is making their grand entrance with the Hairdorables...
  • Glamourous gowns showcase each of their stylish personalities.

Blume Dolls are Fun Toys for Girls

Blume Dolls are popular toys for girlsBlume DollBlume Doll

Blume Dolls are surprise dolls with a twist. Girls water them and they begin to bloom, starting with outrageous hair that begins to rise up out of the flower pot!

Besides the doll, there are over ten other surprises to discover. I love that the flowerpot is actually a teeny playset for the doll. Girls can decorate the playset with included stickers too.

There are 22 different dolls to collect and they are super affordable, which is awesome!

Age 3+

Blume Dolls are great toys for 6 year old girls

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Blume Petal Pets

The Blume Dolls now have cute little Petal Pets! These are adorable and come with a pretty bracelet, along with the pet in a pot. They come in a 2-pack, so these are also super affordable.

Age 3+

Blume Petal Pets are the latest toys for girls

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Polly Pocket Toys Are Still Popular Toys for Girls

Polly’s baaaaack! Remember Polly Pocket from the late 90’s? She and her teeny-tiny playsets made a comeback in 2018 and are still super popular toys for girls age 6 to 8.

There are lots of new playsets to the line but my favorites are the Polly Pocket Pineapple Purse, which is wearable so girls can take their Polly toys with them. It’s a fun tropical theme with a treehouse and jungle animals, plus little Polly and Lila dolls.

My other favorite is the Theme Park Backpack which is a whole theme park complete with ferris wheel inside a pretty case that doubles as a backpack. This is such a cute toy for girls age 6 or so!

Poly Pocket Pineapple Purse is one of the latest toys for girlsPineapple PursePineapple PursePolly Pocket Theme Park Backpack is a popular toy for girlsTheme Park BackpackTheme Park Backpack

Age 4+

Crayola Arctic Color Chemistry Set

Arctic Color Chemistry Set is a cool toy for girls and boysArctic Color Chemistry SetArctic Color Chemistry Set

Crayola makes science more fun with their new Arctic Color Chemistry set with chilly-themed activities.

It features 50 experiments for kids to do to help them learn about chemical reactions and other science-y stuff.

The nice thing is that, although some of the experiments require a few household items, a number of them can be done right out of the box with the included ingredients. The Color Chemistry Set they released last year was a big hit (you’ll see it in the link) so this one should be a fun science set too.

Either one is an entertaining way for kids to spend a cold winter afternoon!

Age 7+

PIKMI POPS Surprise Pajama Llamas

Pajama Llamas are popular toys for girls who like llamasPajama LlamaPajama Llama

Moose Toys Pikmi Pops Pajama Llamas are adorable little plushes that are all ready for a sleepover party.

They come with a sleeping mask, stickers and a special surprise for girls to enjoy at a slumber party, like nail polish.

And here’s the cutest part – when you flip them over, they tuck into their very own cozy sleeping bag! Aside from being the perfect slumber party companion, these are great to incorporate in a nighttime sleep ritual.

Age 5+

Kids Karaoke Microphone

Kids Karaoke Microphone is a super fun toy for girls and boysKids Karaoke MicrophoneKids Karaoke Microphone

Your budding Barbra can belt out her favorite songs with the Tecboss Kids Karaoke Microphone.

This little microphone is easy for kids to use and connects via bluetooth to Youtube or whatever music source you choose.

The lights and voice changer make it really fun for kids to release their inner rock star. Plus it can be used as a regular microphone for speaking as well.

This popular toy for girls is a fun birthday or Christmas gift that the whole family can enjoy – Partridge Family style!

Age 5+

Very Popular Toy for Girls – Barbie Dreamhouse

Barbie DreamHouse is a very popular toy for girlsBarbie DreamHouseBarbie DreamHouse

Man, that Barbie sure lives in some nice cribs! The 2018 Barbie Dreamhouse is still a best-seller in dollhouses and is such a popular toy for girls that we’re leaving it on our top toys for girls list this year.

This house shows us that Barbie is down with multi-purposing and making the most of her space. Although…it measures a whopping 4 feet wide and 3 feet tall. But that’s just all the more room for kids to play with it.

Some cool features of Barbie’s new digs are a couch that converts to a bunk bed for Chelsea sleepovers, a fireplace that converts to shelves for a home office, and room for 4 dolls!

And of course, there’s an elevator and a swimming pool (with slide!) and a garage.

The Dreamhouse comes fully furnished with over 70 furniture pieces and accessories, so all Barbie has to do is move in!

Any girl who plays with Barbies will ADORE this!

Age 3+

Games are Popular Toys for Girls

I love the gift of games for kids of all ages because they are great boredom busters and provide a break from screens. What could be more fun than a rousing game with your friends or siblings? They’re a great family bonding activity too! Below are a few favorite new and classic games for girls and boys in the 6 to 8 age range.

Mouse Trap game is a fun toy for girls and boysMouse TrapMouse TrapDomino Creations is a great gift for girls age 7Domino CreationsDomino CreationsTaco vs Burrito is a fun game for 7 year old girlsTaco vs BurritoTaco vs BurritoSorry! game is a great gift for girlsSorry!Sorry!

Melissa & Doug Stained Glass Made Easy Kit

Stained Glass Made Easy Kit are popular toys for girls and boysStained Glass Made Easy KitStained Glass Made Easy Kit

Arts and crafts toys are wonderful gifts for girls because they love to express their creativity! This one from Melissa & Doug is not new, but it’s very popular with our readers, so we are leaving it on our top toys for girls list for 2021.

The Stained Glass Made Easy kit lets girls make a beautiful light catcher using stickers. The end result is a unique piece of art that a girl can be proud of.

What I love about these is they are great for kids to make and give as gifts to grandparents or other family members!

Age 5+

There are several lovely designs to choose from in these kits. Below are a couple other cute ones.

Heart and Rainbow stained glass kit is a popular toy for girls and boysHeart and Rainbow KitHeart and Rainbow KitDolphins stained glass Kit is a cool gift for girlsDolphins KitDolphins Kit

Shopkins Lil’ Secrets Secret Small Mall

Shopkins Lil' Secrets Secret Small Mall is a popular toy for girls for ChristmasShopkins Lil’ Secrets Secret Small MallShopkins Lil' Secrets Secret Small Mall

Shopkins are top toy for girls and one of their popular releases is the Lil’ Secrets Secret Small Mall. The teeny spenders get to shop till they drop at the tiny grocery store, fashion boutique, and ice cream truck. (Shoes and ice cream? Yes, please!)

At first glance, it’s just your ordinary strip mall store, but the playset comes with “keys” kids insert to open up the mall and reveal all the secret shops inside!

Shopkins fans will love this fun toy for girls!

Age 5+

Here are a couple more popular toys for girls and boys from the Shopkins line! The Shopp’n Cart Pack, is the adorable Chrissy Puffs doll and her trusty shopping cart. And Lil Secret Shoppie Doll Lippy Lulu comes with a cute purse and mini me.

Shopkins Shopp'n Cart Pack is a cute toy for girlsShopkins Shopp’n Cart PackShopkins Shopp'n Cart PackLil Secrets Shoppie Doll are popular toys for 6 year old girlsLil Secrets Shoppie DollLil Secrets Shoppie Doll

You can check out ALL of the super cute Shopkins toys HERE!

Popular Toys for Girls are Lucky Fortune Bracelets

Lucky Fortune Glitz & Gold are the latest toys girls loveLucky Fortune Glitz & GoldLucky Fortune Glitz & Gold

This new toy for girls from WowWee is one of my favorite recent toy releases. These are Lucky Fortune Bracelets Glitz and Gold Series and they are so trendy and glitzy!

Each bracelet is packaged inside a plastic fortune cookie, which you snap open just like a real fortune cookie. Only these can actually be snapped closed and reused, which is awesome! These are blind bracelets, so opening each one and discovering which pretty bracelet they get is part of the fun of the gift.

The bracelet charms themselves are made of metal so they’ll last a long time and the cord is adjustable so girls can wear them snug to best show off all the cute designs. One container holds 4 cookies, so you get 4 bracelets for a super reasonable price.

The packaging is really cute and I love that each set comes with a paper fortune teller (remember making those by hand??) to add to the fun. This is a really cool toy for girls ages 6 to probably about 10. And there’s 50 new bracelets to collect in the Glitz and Gold Series! Hello future Christmas, Birthday and Easter gift idea!

Age 6+

Below is a brand new release in the Lucky Fortune bracelet line. It’s a bundle with the new color changing charm bracelets, a scrunchie, nail decals and more. You can also view the new cool water bottle with stickers and of course, bracelets!

On Sale!
WowWee Lucky Fortune Magic Series - Color Change Elastic Bracelet...
  • The all-new Magic Series Lucky Bundle takes your luck to the next level...
  • Lucky Bundle includes 1 elastic bracelet with color change charm, 4...
  • 4 color change charms to find, all in the ULTRA LUCKY MOOD category!

UPDATE >>>The Amazon Winter Toy Gift Guide is Here! <<<

I hope our list of the latest toys for girls helps you to find the right toys for the girls age 6 to 8 in your life. What could be nicer than a big, genuine smile from a child because you gave them the toy they’ve been wanting?

Shopping for girls of other ages too? Check out our Best Toys For Preschool Girls gift guide!

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