22 Best Trolls Toys To Delight Young Movie Fans

22 Fun Trolls Movie Toys to Delight Fans

The DreamWorks Trolls movies are still popular with kids and our picks for the best Trolls toys are sure to delight one of the young fans on your gift list. After all, what’s not to love about all that color, glitter, and happiness?

There are plenty of Trolls movie toys to pick from, for both boys and girls. If you are looking for Trolls movie dolls, you can use our table of contents below and go straight to that section.

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DreamWorks Trolls Movie Toys

Crayola Trolls Light Up Tracing Pad

The Trolls Tracing Pad is one of the best Trolls toys for kids on the market

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Kids can recreate their favorite Trolls movie characters with the Trolls Light Up Tracing Pad by Crayola. Tracing is a great way for kids to practice drawing and they love seeing the Trolls movie characters come to life at their own hand. This thing has great reviews too!

Age 6+

DreamWorks Trolls PODular Troll Tree

The PODular Troll Tree is one of the best Trolls toys for kids

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The cool PODular Troll Tree is one of the best trolls toys for kids, with lots of activities to keep kids entertained. There’s a zipline, hiding places and pods for the hairy little guys to hang out (the trolls, not your kids) and kids will love customizing it how they choose.

Age 4+

Trolls Movie Toys: Trolls Operation Game

The Trolls Operation game is a fun trolls movie toy for kids

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The second in our list of Trolls toys is the Trolls Operation Game, a hairier version of the original Operation game. And we do mean “hairier”. Players have to use the attached tweezers to remove the charms from the Trolls flowing locks, without causing the buzzer to sound. Kind of reminds me of when my girls had lice. But kids won’t have such traumatic memories to dissuade them from playing, so they should enjoy it.

Age 6+

Trolls Movie Dolls

Trolls Movie Dolls: Poppy’s Coronation Pod

Our list of Trolls movie toys wouldn’t be complete without some play figure sets featuring the Trolls movie dolls. Poppy’s Coronation Pod has a spinning dance floor that lights up, plus lots of accessories for the Poppy and Branch Trolls movie dolls. Kids will love reenacting their favorite movie scenes with this fun little set.

Age 4+

Trolls Movie Dolls: Poppy’s Stylin’ Pod

Of course, the Trolls movie is all about that hair, ’bout that hair, no Tribble (you gotta know the Meghan Trainor song and be a Star Trek fan for that to be funny. I know…the odds aren’t good). Anyhoo, Poppy’s Stylin’ Pod lets kids comb, brush, tease, and squeeze the Trolls dolls’ hair into all sorts of crazy styles. This Trolls movie toy comes with lots of hair accessories, plus a couple wigs for those bad hair days.

Age 4+

Trolls Movie Dolls: Satin and Chenille’s Style Set

Satin and Chenille are the twin fashionistas of the Troll world. The Satin and Chenille Style Set comes with both Trolls movie dolls, Satin and Chenille, and a variety of different accessories to glam them up.

Age 4+

Kids love toys based on their favorite movies or shows. For more gift ideas like Trolls Movie toys, check out the toys featured in our Shimmer and Shine toys article.

Trolls Movie Dolls: Trolls Collectible Figures – Set of All 5 Characters

Why buy one Trolls character when you can get a set of all 5 DreamWorks Trolls characters? These little Trolls movie dolls will fit in either of the Trolls toys playsets we mentioned earlier, giving kids even more crazy hair to style and shape.

Age 4+

Trolls Movie Dolls: Poppy Large Hug ‘N Plush Doll

The large

Poppy Hug’N Plush Doll

is exactly what the name implies – plush and soft and perfect for hugging! This is one of the larger Trolls movie dolls and is great for younger kids. There are actually several different Hug ‘N Plush dolls available, so you can pick your child’s favorite character.

Age 4+

Trolls Movie Dolls: Bridget Exclusive Doll

We can’t forget about the

lovable Bergen, Bridget

, in our list of Trolls Movie dolls. She comes with two outfits and accessories so she can get the perfect look in her quest for love!

Age 3+

The most popular of the Trolls Movie dolls is the Trolls Hug Time Poppy doll. This is still a hot toy for girls, so be sure and read our Trolls Hug Time Poppy doll review here!

Trolls Movie Toys: Trolls Arts and Crafts

Trolls Arts and Crafts: Coloring and Stamper Activity Book Set

This activity book and stamp set will keep kids creatively entertained for hours. What kid doesn’t like stamps and stickers? If you’ve got some holiday travelling ahead, this is a great distraction to take on a plane or in the car.

Ages 3+

Trolls Arts and Crafts: The Epic Trolls Sticker Book

For kids who can’t get enough stickers, this Epic Trolls Sticker book book comes with over 1000 stickers! Plus there’s all sorts of games and activities to keep kids occupied on a rainy day or when mom the kids just need some quiet time.

Age 3+

Trolls Arts and Crafts: Crayola Trolls Glitter Scrapbook Kit

There are some fun Trolls movie toys geared towards creative fans. This Glitter Scrapbook kit (name alone should appeal to little girls – what girl doesn’t love her some glitter?) contains Trolls themed scrapbook pages, markers, pencils, stickers, Troll figure cut outs, and more. Kids can embellish their favorite photo pages in a colorful Trolls theme or use the supplies to make some Trolls crafts. It’s a really versatile Trolls arts and crafts set.

Age 5+

Trolls Arts and Crafts: Trolls Charm Bracelet Kit

What’s more stylish to a Trolls fan then some colorful Trolls jewelry? This Trolls arts and crafts kit will appeal to kids who like to get creative and make their own jewelry. Kids can make cute charm bracelets with this Trolls Charm Bracelet Kit containing beads, charms, and all the tools young crafters need.

Age 7+

Trolls Arts and Crafts: Crayola Trolls Light-up Tracing Pad

Kids can trace their favorite characters from the movie with this

Crayola light-up tracing tool

. This fun Trolls arts and crafts toy comes with colored pencils to fill in the colorful characters, plus paper (it works with regular printer paper also). Kids can layer the images and make their own cool scenes.

There are too many great Trolls arts and crafts toys to list here, so you might want to take a look at the whole Trolls arts and crafts selection on Amazon.

Trolls Bedroom Accessories

Trolls Bedroom Accessories: Trolls Pillow Pets – Poppy

Trolls fans can cuddle up to these Trolls characters plush toys that open out to a 16 inch pillow. This is a nice toy for kids to sleep on while travelling. Well, one can always hope the kid falls asleep if you’re travelling. There are also Branch and Guy Diamond pillows. These would be great Trolls bedroom accessories to go with a Trolls themed room!

Age 3+

Trolls Bedroom Accessories: Pillow Pets Dreamworks Trolls Dream Lites

This is another cool Trolls bedroom accessory that kids will love! The Pillow Pets Poppy Dream Lite projects stars and cupcakes on the walls and ceiling so little Trolls fans can fall asleep dreaming of sweets. You can set it to automatically shut off after 20 minutes, which is convenient. There is also a Branch Dream Lite and a Guy Diamond Dream Lite

Age 3+

Trolls Accessories

Trolls Accessories: Trolls headband with Poppy hair

The last two on our Trolls movie toys list aren’t so much toys as they are fun Trolls accessories for little Trolls fans. This cute

Poppy headband complete with Troll hair

is a fun way for girls to show their enthusiasm for the movie and complement a funky, colorful outfit. This would be a fun “crown” for a girl to wear at her Trolls themed birthday party as well. Or, part of her Halloween ensemble!

Age 3+

Trolls accessories: Trolls Movie Poppy Zip Hoodie with Faux Hair

This is one of the cutest Trolls accessories and it’s practical too! Just in time for cooler weather, this Poppy Hoodie, adorned with the Trolls signature ‘do would be a fun addition to a little girl’s wardrobe. It comes in a variety of sizes, and there is also a Satin and Chenille version.

The Dreamworks Trolls movie is still popular with young kids and these Trolls movie toys, Trolls movie dolls and Trolls accessories would make great gifts. We hope this article gave you a few ideas to bring a smile to your young Trolls fan.

22 Fun Trolls Movie Toys that will Delight Fans! Great gifts for kids.

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