10 Delightful New Playmobil Sets That Will Inspire Your Child’s Imagination

best new playmobil sets for kids

Playmobil has been making little plastic smiling people for over 42 years. And each year they introduce new Playmobil sets of imaginative worlds in which their happy toy people can live.

Playmobil has always insisted that kids “Make their own story,” and not let the latest movie, like Star Wars or Harry Potter, make it for them.

But in 2017, the new Playmobil sets broke from the company’s long tradition of not making licensed toys, starting with their Ghostbusters sets. 

Their new playsets based on the classic Ghostbusters movie were (and still are) very successful. You know, the 1984 movie where Dan Ackroyd says, “Listen! Do you smell something?”

In an article on the Playmobil website, they explain that, like the Ghostbusters movie, Playmobil is loved and fondly remembered by parents, while at the same time attracting young fans. And their engaging and detailed playsets certainly do attract young fans!

Their Ghostbusters line was just the beginning of Playmobil’s expansion into licensed deals. The company brings more exciting new sets to their line each year, while still maintaining the charm and detail their little plastic worlds are known for.

The new Playmobil sets for 2019 are sure to inspire kids’ imaginations just like they always have. Here are some of the new playsets available for sale on Amazon now!

We spent loads of time finding cool stuff kids will love! Just a heads up that the links on this page take you to Amazon and if you buy something through a link, we may get a small commission (but you don’t pay more – Fist Bump!). Read our full disclosure here. We hope you enjoy our toy and gift suggestions!

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New Playmobil Sets 2019

PLAYMOBIL Ghostbusters Ecto-1A

The Ghostbusters Ecto-1A is one of the new playmobil sets this year

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Can you believe it was 35 years ago when the first distress call rang out for the ghost-fighting foursome? To commemorate the birthday, Playmobil released the super cool Ghostbusters Ecto-1A vehicle.

The new Ecto-1A features a roof style like the vehicle from the second Ghostbusters movie with, of course, lots of slime splatters!

This new Playmobil set is a bit of a crossover between the first and second movie. It comes with the whole team of Ghostbusters, from the first movie. Plus a cool hologram pyramid (we mention these further down in this post) like those that came out last year.

Two more new Playmobil sets to the Ghostbuster line are the Collector’s set of Ray, Peter, Egon, and Winston AND special limited edition 6-inch Ghostbuster characters. The 6-inch characters are each sold separately – Venkman, Spengler, Zeddemore, and Stantz.

Age 6+

Ghostbusters Collector's SetGhostbusters Collector’s SetGhostbusters Collector's SetCollector's Edition R. StantzCollector’s Edition R. StantzCollector's Edition R. Stantz

New PLAYMOBIL How To Train Your Dragon Sets

The 2019 new Playmobil sets include several How To Train Your Dragon sets

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2019 brings more new Playmobil sets based on the new How To Train Your Dragon III movie.

The dragon and baby sets feature expansive dragon wings and shooting darts. The Light Fury and Baby Dragon set is the most beautiful, with an iridescent shine to it.

Two more of my favorite new Playmobil sets in this series are the cute Hiccup, Astrid & Baby Dragon set and the Astrid and Hiccup bride and groom set.

Age 4+

Hiccup, Astrid and Baby DragonHiccup, Astrid and Baby DragonHiccup, Astrid and Baby DragonAstrid & HiccupAstrid & HiccupAstrid & Hiccup

New PLAYMOBIL Spirit Riding Free Barn

The Spirit Riding Free Barn is one of the brand new Playmobil sets this year

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The Spirit Riding Free Netflix series inspired some more adorable new Playmobil sets for 2019. The Barn with Lucky, PRU and Abigail is new and features a loft “clubhouse” with a hammock and books. Plus, of course, a stable and all kinds of horse care and landscape accessories. So cute!

A couple other of my favorite new Sprit Riding Free playsets are PRU with Horse and Foal and The Riding Arena with Lucky and Javier. You can see all the new Playmobil Spirit Riding Free sets HERE in their Amazon store.

Age 4+

PRU with Horse & FoalPRU with Horse & FoalPRU with Horse & FoalRiding Arena Lucky & JavierRiding Arena Lucky & JavierRiding Arena Lucky & Javier

PLAYMOBIL Mission Rocket

The Mission Rocket and other Space playsets are brand new Playmobil sets for 2019

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Playmobil does space right and their new Space playsets do not disapoint! The Mission Rocket actually comes apart in three sections and features a separate space capsule and working lights and sounds.

Pieces from other Playmobil space sets, both new and old, will work with this set, which is nice. You can find the other space-themed new Playmobil sets here. Two more popular new sets are the Mars Space Station and the Mars Research Vehicle. The latter comes with a working claw grabber!

Age 6+

Mars Space StationMars Space StationMars Space StationMars Research VehicleMars Research VehicleMars Research Vehicle

PLAYMOBIL Summer Villa

The Summer Villa is a favorite new playmobil set released in 2019

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Last year, the little plastic people got to go skiing for vacation, so of course this year they need to get some fun in the sun! The Summer Villa set is one of my favorite new Playmobil sets this year.

The playset comes with 4 people and OODLES of decor and accessories for their lovely little vacation home, including outdoor seating and cooking and tiny little sunscreen bottles.

Two of my favorite add-on sets in the Family Fun theme are the Family Car, so the whole fam can pile in and set off to Wally World on their way to the Villa (remember the smell from the backseat?)

And the Family Beach Day which comes with a baby, surfboard and sand castles!

Age 4+

Family Beach DayFamily Beach DayFamily Beach DayFamily CarFamily CarFamily Car

PLAYMOBIL Tiny Paws Pet Hotel

The Pet Hotel is one of the cutest new Playmobil playsets this year

View on Amazon

I know I said the Summer Villa was my favorite…but I changed my mind! The Tiny Paws Pet Hotel is about the cutest new Playmobil set yet! By the way, if it’s out of stock on Amazon, you can probably find it directly from the Playmobil site here.

This set comes with like 8 dogs, 2 birds, 3 people and a whole ton of cute accessories for kids to customize their little pet hotel. Animal loving kids will love this set!

Two of the best add-on sets for this (IMHO) are the Purrfect Stay Cat Boarding set and the Mobile Pet Groomer set.

Age 4+

Purrfect Stay Cat BoardingPurrfect Stay Cat BoardingPurrfect Stay Cat BoardingMobile Pet GroomerMobile Pet GroomerMobile Pet Groomer


The Noah's Ark playset is one of the best new Playmobil sets this year

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The adorable new Playmobil set, Noah’s Ark, will delight young kids. Of course it has all kinds of animal pairs to play with, but a really cool feature is that it has roller wheels built into the bottom to move easily on hard surfaces. AND it really does float!

To add even more play value to this cute set, you can buy the Playmobil Underwater Electric Motor and trick out the ark!

Age 4+

PLAYMOBIL Action Vehicles

For kids who like to zoom or fly , there are some new Playmobil sets featuring action vehicles and characters. In true Playmobil style, all these vehicles are loaded with details and working parts to add to the play value.

The Dino Hovercraft is my favorite because it comes with so many pieces AND has a working motor so kids can play with it in the water. The tactical vehicles are cool because kids can play out good guy vs bad guy scenarios on land, sea or air!

Age 5+

Dino Hovercraft with MotorDino Hovercraft with MotorDino Hovercraft with MotorPolice SeaplanePolice SeaplanePolice SeaplaneTactical Unit BoatTactical Unit BoatTactical Unit BoatTactical Unit HelicopterTactical Unit HelicopterTactical Unit Helicopter

PLAYMOBIL Mobile Dwarf Fortress

The Mobile Dwarf Fortress is a brand new playmobil set in the Knights line

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No, it’s not a dwarf fortress mobile app…it’s an actual dwarf fortress on wheels. Because you never know where you might have to defend something.

The newest Playmobil set in the Knights line is the Mobile Dwarf Fortress, and this thing is so cool! It features a prison for those pesky enemies, ballistas that shoot, an anvil that’s a secret hiding place, and all sorts of other surprises.

There’s even a raven to deliver secret messages to allies. What more could you want? Except for a troll…you’d want a troll and there is one of those too!

Age 5+

New PLAYMOBIL Crystal Palace

The Crysal Palace set is one of the new Playmobil sets for 2019

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Kids will be enchanted with the brand new Crystal Palace playset. From the glowing crystal ice floor (thanks to 3 AAA batteries) to the magical icicles protecting the entrance, it’s a mysterious adventure to capture a child’s imagination.

And, oh the cute accessories! Iced jewels, dresses that change color with the temperature, blue and pink thrones, tiny scepters…once again, Playmobil has thought of every detail.

Below are a couple of the available add-on sets for the castle.

Crystal Diamond HideoutCrystal Diamond HideoutCrystal Diamond HideoutSleigh with Royal CoupleSleigh with Royal CoupleSleigh with Royal Couple

Age 5+

New PLAYMOBIL Advent Calendars for 2019

The Playmobil Advent Calendars and Christmas scenes are always much anticipated. Here’s the new Playmobil sets for 2019:

The Nativity Manger lights up and is already selling out, so order early. The Christmas Bakery is adorable too!

Christmas BallChristmas BallChristmas BallFire RescueFire RescueFire RescueChristmas BakeryChristmas BakeryChristmas BakeryNativity MangerNativity MangerNativity MangerChristmas Living RmChristmas Living RmChristmas Living Rm1.2.3 Forest Christmas1.2.3 Forest Christmas1.2.3 Forest Christmas

PLAYMOBIL The Movie Sets

One more thing to look forward to in August – Our favorite little plastic people are starring in their very own movie! There are all kinds of brand new Playmobil sets based on the movie that are ready to be released August first! There’s everything from fairytale castles, flying horses, drones and a food truck! Check back here for links to these new sets!

Favorite Playmobil Sets from Last Year

Ghostbuster Character and Hologram Cone

Ghostbusters Hologram figures are among the favorite new playmobil sets last year

View on Amazon

2018 brought some more additions to the Ghostbusters playsets and these are WAY cool!

These new Playmobil sets are based on the Ghostbusters II movie which came out in 1989.

The playmograms include a Ghostbuster character and a hologram cone. Each of the plastic parapsychologists also comes with their signature proton pack, wand and meter, plus some slime splats for effect.

But the coolest thing is the hologram cone that works with an app to trap the paranormal pests. The app is free and when it’s open on a smart device, kids can place the cone on it, pick which ghost they want to trap and bust the heck out of it!

Check it out in action in the pop-up video below.

Click to watch video

Cool, right?

The Spengler hologram set is pictured above and below are the other three Ghostbusters, Winston, Stantz and Venkman.

Winston PlaymogramWinston PlaymogramWinston PlaymogramStantz PlaymogramStantz PlaymogramStantz PlaymogramVenkman PlaymogramVenkman PlaymogramVenkman Playmogram

Age: 6+

PLAYMOBIL Family Fun Aquarium

The Playmobil Aquarium is one of the favorite new playmobil sets

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The Playmobil Family Fun sets are some of my favorites! This year they’ve added an Aquarium building set to their fun family destination sets and it’s adorable!

  • You can fill it with water for reals
  • Tank rotates around
  • Sea lion flippers, tail and head really move
  • Includes parent, child, trainer figures plus 2 seal lions, fish, plants and other accessories

The water play feature of this set adds a whole ‘nother dimension of fun. You’ll probably want some more sea life to fill in the tank, like this Sea Turtles Set, Octopus and Baby Set, or Hammerhead Shark Set.

And in true Playmobil style, there are lots of interesting add-on sets to turn the aquarium into a fantastic, Sea World style theme park. My favorites are the Penguin Enclosure and the Aquarium Gift Shop (such FUN details in this one!).

Age 4+

Playmobil Ski Lodge Set

The Playmobil Ski lodge is one of last years favorite new Playmobil playsets

View on Amazon

The smiley, plastic people can hit the slopes with the new Playmobil Ski Lodge building set. As usual, they’ve thought of everything, right down to the steamy mugs of hot chocolate and the kitty curled up by the fire!

This set includes 5 people figures, which is great for multiple kids to play without having to buy more figures right off the bat. And there are lots of accessories, including furniture for the rooms, skis, snowman and tons more.

My favorite new Playmobil sets to buy as accessory sets to the lodge are the Snowball Fight building set (complete with fort and sled) and the Winter SUV building set (so the little guys can safely traverse those snowy roads!).

Age: 4+

PLAYMOBIL Horse Farm Set

The Horse Farm is a favorite new Playmobil set set

View on Amazon

I am absolutely giddy over the new Playmobil Horse Farm Set! (Get it? Giddyup? Okay, I’ll stop.)

Just look at all the accessories this thing comes with! Right down to the foal, barn kitties and stickers with the horse names to put on their stalls. This set is so realistic and detailed, it even includes all the proper tack that a real equestrian would need. A real, 2-inch tall, plastic equestrian, anyway.  😉

This is a fabulous gift for a kid who loves horses!

There are several new Playmobil playsets in this theme to build an equine empire. My favorites are the Horse Show set and the Horse Grooming Station set. But close seconds are the individual stable and horse sets to add to it, featuring specific horse breeds, like the Horse Stable with Appaloosa set, and Horse Stable with Arabian set.

Age: 5+

PLAYMOBIL Shopping Plaza

The shopping mall set is one of the best new Playmobil sets that came out last year

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This new set is a cute Playmobil set for girls or boys who love shopping! Our little smiling friends will have all their sports, fashion and pet needs taken care of with the new Playmobil Shopping Plaza set. Here’s some really fun details of this set.

  • Includes pets and enclosures
  • Lots of ways to create imaginative store displays
  • Set can be split into 3 separate stores for more play options

The shopping fanatic in me is obsessed with the cute little clothes and accessories in this set! Speaking of which – there are a TON of little pieces in this playset. This adds to the fun, but something to keep in mind if you’re buying for younger kids prone to losing things.

There are 2 fabulous new Playmobil add-on sets to go with this theme. Check out the charming Cupcake Shop and A-DORBS Baby Store Set. Both of these are fantastic little sets on their own too!

Age: 5+

PLAYMOBIL Modern House Playset

The Modern House playset is one of the new Playmobil playsets that came out last year

View on Amazon

Playmobil peoples get an upgraded crib with this new Playmobil set! The Modern House building set is a spacious, 2-story with lots of room for furniture and accessories.

The only drawback is that it only comes with some outdoor furnishings. You have to buy each of the room sets separately. BUT, the sets include a TON of detailed accessories for each room and they couldn’t possibly include ALL of that without raising the price. So…maybe it was smart the way they did it.

AND one thing I do like about this house is that it’s an empty canvas for kids to arrange the furniture and accessories any way they like. You could put the kitchen upstairs and the bedrooms downstairs or arrange it any other funky way you want. There’s no designs on the walls to designate which area has to be which room. I kind of dig that.

The Modern House has a working doorbell and entryway light, so it takes 2 AA batteries, which are not included.

Oh, the cute little room sets! My favorites are the Kitchen set and the Housewarming party set (you get a whole bunch of cool stuff, like an outdoor fireplace and party lights!).

One thing I think Playmobil could have done differently with the room sets is to not include the dolls in them (except for the kids room sets, cause you need kid dolls). Each set comes with at least 1 or 2 adult dolls, which seems weird to me because how many adults are going to live in this house??

Seems like they could have left those out and then charged less. Nevertheless…the room sets are cute as heck! (Did I say that already?) Here they all are, below.

KitchenKitchenKitchenLiving RoomLiving RoomLiving RoomBathroomBathroomBathroomChildren's RoomChildren’s RoomChildren's RoomBedroomBedroomBedroomHousewarming PartyHousewarming PartyHousewarming Party

Age: 4+

  • Toy Shopping Tip: To ensure you’re getting the best price on the Playmobil set you want, check the price on the Playmobil website directly. Sometimes they are cheaper than other online retailers! It varies with each set, but it’s worth a look!

Playmobil Bridal Shop – Perfect Playmobil Set for Girls

The Bridal Shop is one of the best new Playmobil sets for girls and boys who likes weddings

View on Amazon

Boys and Girls who love all things wedding are going to love this new Playmobil set, fashioned after the royal wedding! The little plastic brides-to-be can try on dresses, get their makeup done, choose a wig, drink champagne and say yes to the dress!

I tell ya, the detail Playmobil puts into their toys is just amazing. There’s even little teeny display stands to hold bridezilla jewelry. This is THE Playmobil set for little girls and boys who like wedding details.

Explorer Series Hidden Temple with T-Rex

The Hidden Temple is one of the best new Playmobil sets for kids who love dinosaurs

View on Amazon

The new Playmobil sets in their Explorer series are fabulous imagination igniters! The Hidden Temple with T-Rex set is FULL of details, right down to the poseable T-Rex, lasser gun with LED light, and tiny little explorer’s map.

There are several fun add-on sets in this series. A couple favorites are below.

Copter with PterodactylCopter with PterodactylCopter with PterodactylMotocross Bike with RaptorMotocross Bike with RaptorMotocross Bike with Raptor

PLAYMOBIL Take Along Haunted House

The Take Along Haunted House is a very popular new Playmobil playset that came out recently

View on Amazon

The Take Along Haunted House was a fun addition to the new Playmobil sets for 2018! It includes creepy details, like a giant spider and mad scientist.

Kids who love Halloween themed toys, or who like to create spooky stories will love this set! It’s a Take Along toy too, so it’s portable and easy to play with on the go.

Playmobil Magical Fairy Forest

The Magical Fairy Forest set is one of the best Playmobil sets ever

View on Amazon

I LOVE the Playmobil fairy sets! They are among the best Playmobil sets for girls. The Magical Fairy Forest playset is full of enchanting details, like a fairy swing, a lantern that lights up, a cauldron to make healing potions, unicorns…and soooo much more!

It’s such an awesome set, we’ve included it on our list of the best new toys for girls!

Below are two of my favorite add-ons for this set.

Unicorn Fairy CarriageUnicorn Fairy CarriageUnicorn Fairy CarriageFriendly Dragon with BabyFriendly Dragon with BabyFriendly Dragon with Baby

Playmobil Sprit Riding Free Lucky’s House

Luckys House from Spirit Riding Free is a popular new Playmobil set from last year

View on Amazon

The much anticipated new Playmobil sets based on the DreamWorks Spirit Riding Free Netflix Series were just released September 2018 and they are GORGEOUS!

The Lucky’s House set is a beautiful Victorian style mansion with a detailed kitchen and accessories, including a hidden compartment in the floor and Aunt Cora cooking in the kitchen.

The only drawback to this set is that you have to buy Lucky’s bedroom set separately. But…you do get a LOT of pieces for the price with the bedroom set. The kitchen furniture and accessories are included in Lucky’s House.

That said, girls and boys who love horses can imagine and play out their very own stories or recreate scenes from the series with this fun set.

One of these new Playmobil sets from 2019 or past years would be a delightful birthday or “just because” gift for a child in your life.

If you’ve never bought or played with a Playmobil set, you have to check them out.  Playmobil sets have such variety and they are all so charming, kids and parents get hooked on them!

Get the Best Price on the New Playmobil Sets

Playmobil building sets can be hard to find in stores. Toys R Us used to carry them, but as we all know, they are no more (at least for now).

Amazon generally has the best price on the most popular sets. BUT, sometimes the Playmobil site has the lowest prices, or a sale, or the set you want that isn’t available elsewhere. So it’s always worth checking directly on the Playmobil site just to make sure you’re getting the best price. Use our link and save an additional 15%! Playmobil US 15% off Code for free*


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