10 Enchanting Disney Princess Little Kingdom Toys

Disney Princess Little Kingdom Toys

The Disney Princess Little Kingdom Toys are adorable princess themed playsets in miniature size.

Your preschool princess can use her imagination to bring her favorite princess fairy tale to life with these little dolls and sets.

Here’s a few reasons to love the Disney Princess Little Kingdom Toys for 4, 5 and 6 year old girls:

  • Each set folds up for easy storage
  • The dolls are between 2.5 and 3 inches tall, perfect for small hands
  • Outfits and accessories snap on for easy clothing changes
  • Each set includes one doll and snap-in outfits and accessories
  • All the outfits and accessories are interchangeable among all the dolls!

The other thing I love about the Disney Princess Little Kingdom dolls is that their legs are poseable, so they can sit. This adds to the play value and makes it much easier for the imperial ladies to rule their minions from the princess throne.  😉

The Disney Princess Little Kingdom Toys do contain tiny parts, so they are recommended for kids age four and up.

Below are some of my favorite Disney Princess Little Kingdom playsets that are available as of the date of this post. They are not as readily available as they used to be, but there are other similar Disney Princess toys that I’ll include here too. Any of these would be wonderful gifts for kids in the 4 to 6 age range.

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Disney Princess Little Kingdom Toys

Disney Princess Little Kingdom Play ‘n Carry Castle

Play ‘n Carry CastlePlay ‘n Carry CastlePlay ‘n Carry Castle

The Little Kingdom Play ‘n Carry Castle is a playset and storage case all in one adorable package.

And you’re going to need storage because little girls won’t want to stop at just one Little Kingdom doll, especially when all the snap-on clothes are interchangeable!

Here’s some cute features of the Play ‘n Carry Castle:

  • Two stories to play in
  • Comes with Cinderella and vanity
  • Has drawers to store the tiny snap-ins
  • Outer and inner decor is adorable!

This is a great starter set to introduce your little one to the Disney Princess Little Kingdom toys.

Disney Princess Little Kingdom Doll Collections

You might want to pick up one of these Disney Princess Little Kingdom doll collections to give Cinderella some friends to party with in her castle!

Royal Sparkle CollectionRoyal Sparkle CollectionRoyal Sparkle CollectionRoyal Adventure CollectionRoyal Adventure CollectionRoyal Adventure Collection

Disney Princess Little Kingdom Toy Ariel Sea Castle

Ariel’s Sea CastleAriel’s Sea CastleAriel’s Sea Castle

I love how cute this playset is and all the ways a child can play with it.

Ariel’s Sea Castle is designed so kids can pour water on the slide and in a few other areas, which adds a whole ‘nother way to play with this set.

Here’s some more really fun features that little girls love:

  • Has a slide, swing, and a harness for Ariel to play on
  • Comes with Sebastian and several accessories
  • Includes storage for the snap-ins
  • Also includes Ariel doll, outfits and several snap-ins

Disney Princess Little Kingdom Rapunzel’s Stylin’ Tower

Rapunzel's Stylin' TowerRapunzel’s Stylin’ TowerRapunzel's Stylin' Tower

Looks like Miss Rapunzel went to beauty school and opened her own shop. I like to call it “Hair Down To There”! But alas, it was already named by Hasbro, Rapunzel’s Stylin’ Tower.

Oh well. Here’s some fun features of this stylin’ set:

  • Rapunzel has an assortment of hairstyle snap-ins for different looks
  • Storage tree to hang all the snap-ins on (12 total!)
  • Comes with Rapunzel doll, outfits and snap-ins
  • Also includes a swiveling styling chair, sink and little Pascal

Disney Princess Little Kingdom Belle’s Enchanted Dining Room Set

Belle’s Dining RoomBelle’s Dining RoomBelle’s Dining Room

Belle’s kingdom is limited to a teapot dining room, but it sure is a cute one! I love all the little accessories with Belle’s Enchanted Dining Room playset.

Here’s some more reasons little girls love this set:

  • Features a fancy chandelier and shimmery curtains
  • Comes with sweet treats, table and chair and Lumiere and Chip
  • Includes Belle, an outfit and several snap-ins

Here’s a couple smaller Disney Princess Little Kingdom toys featuring Belle.

Belle’s Teacart TreatsBelle’s Teacart TreatsBelle’s Teacart TreatsBelle's Charmed WardrobeBelle’s Charmed WardrobeBelle's Charmed Wardrobe

For more toys for little Belle fans, you’ll find some fun ideas in our Disney Beauty and The Beast toys article.

Disney Princess Little Kingdom Toys Cinderella’s Bibbidi Bobbidi Carriage

Bibbidi Bobbidi CarriageBibbidi Bobbidi CarriageBibbidi Bobbidi Carriage

Cinderella’s carriage is a dressing room trailer in this playset, but I suppose she is a star, so it works.

The Cinderella Bibbidi Bobbidi Carriage is my favorite of the Disney Princess Little Kingdom playsets. Aside from the fact that I’ve always been partial to Cinderella, here’s a few other reasons why I love this set:

  • The carriage really rolls – this just adds to the fun!
  • Door becomes a staircase for her grand ball entrance
  • Includes a mouse friend to help her get all gussied up
  • Comes with Cinderella doll, pink and blue dresses and snap-ins

I wouldn’t be surprised if Cindy stopped by Belle’s and Elsa’s place and turned the clothes wagon into a bibbidi boppin’ party bus as they all ride to the gala together 😀

Disney Princess Little Kingdom Musical Moments Castle

Musical Moments CastleMusical Moments CastleMusical Moments Castle

The Musical Moments Castle is quite the royal crib!

There are five rooms (more like spaces)in the castle and each one has a different princess theme and decor. Here’s some of the cool features of this Little Kingdom castle playset:

  • Comes with Belle and Rapunzel, plus outfits and snap-ins
  • Has teacup swing and frying pan elevator
  • Dolls snap onto dance floor and whirl around to music
  • Includes storage area for the snap-ins
  • Comes with a bed, sink, chair and several accessories

This is such a pretty little castle playset and girls will want to fill it up with princesses, so be warned!

More Disney Princess Toys

The Disney Princess Little Kingdom toys have increased in price over the last couple years so some of the sets are not as good a value as when they first came out, but that could be because they are harder to find and therefore becoming collectible.

Still, here are a few of my favorites that are available and they are so cute!

Jasmine's Slumber PartyJasmine’s Slumber PartyJasmine's Slumber PartyMerida's Playful AdventuresMerida’s Playful AdventuresMerida's Playful AdventuresSweet Apple CarriageSweet Apple CarriageSweet Apple CarriageRoyal Slipper CarriageRoyal Slipper CarriageRoyal Slipper Carriage

Royal Clips Disney Princess Toys

Similar to the Disney Princess Little Kingdom toys, are the Royal Clips Disney Princess dolls.

These are about the same size, have clip-on outfits, and sit or stand just like the Little Kingdom dolls. Only they are more affordably priced, and suitable for ages 3 and up.

Cinderella and Prince  Royal ClipsCinderella and Prince Royal ClipsCinderella and Prince  Royal ClipsAriel and Prince Eric Royal ClipsAriel and Prince Eric Royal ClipsAriel and Prince Eric Royal ClipsSnow White Cottage Royal ClipsSnow White Cottage Royal ClipsSnow White Cottage Royal ClipsBelle Royal Chambers Royal Clips SetBelle Royal Chambers Royal Clips SetBelle Royal Chambers Royal Clips Set

Each of these Disney Princess Little Kingdom toys has something unique to offer the little princess in your life. Pair them up to create a whole princess neighborhood, along with lots of imaginative play opportunities.

For more toy ideas for little girls, check out our best toys for preschool girls and top toys for girls age 6 to 8 gift guides!

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