50+ Fun Easter Basket Stuffers for Boys

Easter basket ideas for boys

The best Easter basket stuffers for boys are fun, useful, NOT junky, and most of all…inexpensive.

So, bunnies, we’ve gathered a batch of small (ish) toys and gifts that are the perfect Easter basket stuffers for boys. Some are classic, some are trendy, and none of them will cost you too much green.

We’ve noted the package size for items that are a little larger so you can gauge if it will fit in the Easter basket or container you’re using. Or you can wrap the larger item for a nice Easter gift for a boy. Either way, you may find the package size helpful.

best toys and gifts for kids

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Easter Basket Stuffers for Boys

Let’s start our list of Easter basket ideas for boys with a few classic small items and toys that boys love. My favorites are the glowing stars, the little color-by-numbers (these are priced GREAT and perfect for traveling!), and the Mad Libs.

Then scroll on down for several categories of Easter basket stuffers for boys for more fun ideas.

A water squirter is a fun Easter basket stuffer for boysSUPERSOAKERSUPERSOAKERGlowing Stars is a great Easter basket filler for boysGlowing StarsGlowing StarsKanoodle game is the right size for Easter basket stuffer for boysKanoodleKanoodleGelli Baff makes a good Easter basket filler for boysGelli BaffGelli BaffEaster Mad Libs are great to put in a boys Easter basketEaster Mad LibsEaster Mad LibsColor By Number books are perfect as boys Easter basket fillersColor By NumberColor By NumberKids Joke book is a fun Easter basket stuffer for a boyKids JokesKids JokesBuild and Paint sets are great as Easter basket stuffers for boysBuild and PaintBuild and PaintGalaxy Slime is a good Easter basket stuffer for 7 year old boyGalaxy SlimeGalaxy Slime

BeanBoozled Game

BeanBoozled Game is my favorite easter basket stuffer for girls and boysBeanBoozled GameBeanBoozled Game

BeanBoozled is one of my favorite Easter basket stuffers for boys and girls of all ages. It’s real simple. Kids give the spinner a flick, see where it lands, then choose the jelly bean that matches the picture. It could be a delicious treat, or it could be a nasty nightmare!

Maybe it’s the 12-year-old boy sense of humor in me, but there’s just something hilarious about watching someone’s face as they unwittingly try a moldy-cheese-flavored jelly bean.

BeanBoozled is a fun and inexpensive Easter basket stuffer. The one pictured is one game (the spinner box and jelly beans). Around Easter they do go in and out of stock, but don’t pay more than $4-$6 for a single game. This one here is one game plus four refills.

Small Games are Perfect Easter Basket Stuffers for Boys

Small games are just the right size and price to tuck in a boy’s Easter basket. They’re fun small gifts and convenient for kids to take traveling too. Here’s a few popular favorites. Scroll down to see them pictured.

UNO Cards

The UNO card game is still a kid fav and they make a version for EVERYbody, even a Minecraft UNO.

Micro Simon

Micro Simon is a mini version of the classic game and great for traveling.

Skip-Bo Junior

Skip-Bo is a favorite card game of mine…and everyone I’ve introduced it to. So I was happy to find Skip-Bo Junior, for kids age 5 and up. It’s a fun sequencing game with a few twists.

Connect 4 Grab and Go

Connect 4 has been around a long time and is still one of the most popular travel-sized games for kids.

Classic UNO is a good easter basket fillerClassic UNOClassic UNOSimon Micro is just the right size for an easter basket fillerSimon MicroSimon MicroSkip-Bo Junior game is perfect for and easter basket stuffer for boysSkip-Bo JuniorSkip-Bo JuniorConnect 4 is a fun easter basket surprise for boysConnect 4Connect 4

Easter Basket Stuffers for Boys Who Like to Build

LEGO 3-in-1 Sea Creature Set

LEGO 3in1 Deep Sea Creatures is a nice easter gift for boysLEGO 3in1 Deep Sea CreaturesLEGO 3in1 Deep Sea Creatures

This LEGO Creator Deep Sea Creature building set lets kids make a shark with movable joints, posable fins, and open, tooth-filled mouth. They can also make a squid, fish, and crab.

LEGO sets can be pricey, but the LEGO Creator 3-in-1 sets, like this one, are very reasonable and go on sale often. They’re a great buy considering you get multiple builds in the set.

The Deep Sea Creature set is so popular, it’s our top pick for LEGO sets suitable for Easter basket stuffers. You should also check out the Mighty Dinosaurs 3-in-1 set. It’s priced similarly and also comes very highly rated. Package sizes on these are about 10″x5.5″.

Age 7+

More Small Building Sets Good for Boys Easter Basket Stuffers

Here’s a few more popular small building sets that make great stocking or Easter basket stuffers for boys. Generally, these run less than $11, but pricing does vary. The Build-on mug runs a bit more, but is a fun novelty Easter basket stuffer for boys. It really holds liquid!

Build-on Brick Mug is a cool Easter basket gift for boysBuild-on Brick MugBuild-on Brick MugMillennium Falcon LEGO set is a good Easter basket filler for a boyMillennium FalconMillennium FalconPolice Helicopter LEGO set makes a good filler for boys Easter basketPolice HelicopterPolice HelicopterNINJAGO Spinjitzu Burst is a popular Easter basket filler for boys age 7NINJAGO Spinjitzu BurstNINJAGO Spinjitzu Burst

Automoblox Vehicle Build Sets

Automoblox C12 Cipher is a cool Easter basket toy for boysAutomoblox C12 CipherAutomoblox C12 Cipher

Automoblox are neat little wooden vehicle building sets that kids can take apart and customize and rebuild as often as they want. Like a puzzle that kids can race around and play with!

Parents report these are super durable and kids love them. There are several models to pick from and many of the parts are interchangeable between sets.

What a great little Easter basket stuffer for boys!

Age 4+

Easter Basket Stuffers for Boys To Entertain the Brain

Activity books and puzzles make nice little gifts to tuck in an Easter basket or Get Well basket. They’re inexpensive enough that you can buy a few different ones to have on hand for those need-something-to-keep-him-entertained times. Below are a few popular favorites. Scroll down to see them pictured.

Highlights Hidden Pictures

Remember how fun the Highlights hidden pictures puzzles were? Share the fun you remember with the kids in your life with the Highlights Hidden Pictures activity books.

The black and white puzzles, like this Discovery Puzzles book, is challenging for ages 6 and up. The color puzzle books are easier for kids ages 3-6. You can check out a large selection of both types here.

The Boys’ Doodle Book

Kids can take on interesting drawing challenges with the The Boys’ Doodle Book. This Easter basket stuffer especially for boys encourages their creative side in fun ways.

Paint By Sticker Books

What kid doesn’t love stickers? These fun little activity books are a twist on paint-by-numbers and even a bit more challenging. The Beautiful Bugs one is particularly good, but they have several nice ones to choose from. And the price is perfect for an Easter basket stuffer item for boys age 5 and up.

Activity Book for Minecrafters

Boys who play Minecraft will love the Minecrafters activity book full of a huge variety of challenges all with a Minecraft theme. It’s super popular!

Dover Little Activity Books

You can check out a large selection of Dover Little Activity Books here. I like that they are small in size (about 4″x5.5″), there is a huge variety of activities, they are super cheap, and they have them for all age ranges.

Discovery Puzzles are perfect as easter basket stuffers for boysDiscovery PuzzlesDiscovery PuzzlesBoys' Doodle Book is great for an easter basketBoys’ Doodle BookBoys' Doodle BookPaint by Sticker are really fun easter basket gifts for boysPaint by StickerPaint by StickerMinecrafters Activities is perfect size for a boys easter basketMinecrafters ActivitiesMinecrafters ActivitiesNoah's Ark Activity is nice for a boys easter basket stufferNoah’s Ark ActivityNoah's Ark ActivitySpot-the-Differences activity books are great as easter basket fillersSpot-the-DifferencesSpot-the-Differences

Art and Craft Kits are Great Easter Basket Stuffers for Boys

Craft kits, art projects, and art supplies are excellent Easter basket ideas for boys. Here’s a few that are the perfect size and price.

Bitty Books

Bitty Books make nice easter gifts for boysBitty BooksBitty Books

I really love this Easter basket stuffer idea for boys and girls both. Creativity for Kids Bitty Books kits contain everything a child needs to make three little books, straight out of their own own imagination.

The packaging is about 9 inches square, so be aware of that in case your Easter basket container is smaller.

The sets contain stickers, markers, and already prepared blank book pages so kids just need to fill it with their story. For the price, this is a great little Easter gift idea for boys to experiment with their creativity.

Age 4+

Melissa & Doug Wooden Craft Kits

Melissa & Doug make all kinds of great quality, small art and craft kits that are perfect for kids’ stocking or Easter basket stuffers. Boys ages 4 to 8 love these little wooden craft kits they can build and paint.

Fold ‘N Fly Paper Airplanes Kit

Alex Toys Fold n Fly Paper Airplanes are colorful and sturdy and illustrate to those little minds that there are numerous ways to design even something simple. The package is 12.4″ x 8.9″ and best for kids ages 6 and up.

Scratch Art Doodle Pad

The Melissa & Doug Scratch Art Doodle Pad is full of beautiful designs that kids reveal by scratching the pages with an included stylus. It’s just the right size for an Easter basket stuffer AND for traveling!

Shrinky Dinks Cool Stuff

This is another piece of nostalgia that’s fun to share with the kids in your life. Shrinky Dinks Cool Stuff are just like the Shrinky Dinks you remember from the 70’s and kids still love the novelty of them! The package size is 11.8″ x 8.5″. It’s a fun Easter gift idea for boys ages 5 and up!

Wooden Craft Kits are perfect size for boys easter basket giftsWooden Craft KitsWooden Craft KitsFold 'N Fly Kit is great for an easter basket stuffer for boysFold ‘N Fly KitFold 'N Fly KitScratch Art Pad is a good size to put in a boys easter basketScratch Art PadScratch Art PadShrinky Dinks are a fun craft easter gift for boysShrinky DinksShrinky Dinks

Outdoor Toys Make Fun Easter Basket Stuffers for Boys

Since Easter is the beginning of warmer weather, it’s the perfect time to gift some outdoor toys to the boys in your life. Here’s a few items that boys will be delighted to see in their Easter baskets.

Wave Runner Ball

The Wave Runner Ball is an awesome water toy for the swimming pool, lake or beach. It bounces and skips across the water, making a game of catch in the pool way more fun! Rated for kids age 6 and up.

Zing Sky Ripperz

Sky Ripperz are easy-to-launch rockets that make a cool screech noise as they shoot up into the sky. They can be used over and over again (hint: aim them straight upwards so the rocket comes straight back down!) and are great fun for kids age 8 and up (younger with supervision). The package size on these is 14.9″ x 10″. They’re a fun and inexpensive Easter gift for boys!

NERF Pocket Aero Flyer

This pocket-sized NERF Aero Flyer is just the right size as an Easter basket stuffer. It’s small but flies super far! It’s great for kids to take on-the-go as an outdoor non-screen distraction. It’s for ages 5 and up.

Outdoor Exploration Set

Easter time means camping and outdoor activities are right around the corner. An outdoor set is a great Easter gift or basket filler for kids. The backyard becomes an outdoor adventure! This Outdoor Exploration Set comes with everything kids need to help them see nature up close. For ages 5 and up.

Wave Runner ball fits nice into a boys easter basketWave RunnerWave RunnerOutdoor Explorer Set is a nice easter basket filler for boysOutdoor Explorer SetOutdoor Explorer SetZing Sky Ripperz are fun Easter basket fillers for boysZing Sky RipperzZing Sky RipperzPocket Aero Flyer is a great Easter basket filler for boysPocket Aero FlyerPocket Aero Flyer

Science-y Easter Basket Stuffers for Boys

Many nature, science and STEM toys are perfect small gifts or Easter basket stuffers for boys. They’re perfect for boys to discover something new and a great way to inspire curiosity in those little minds. Here’s a few popular science toys that are just the right size and price to tuck into an Easter basket.

Beaker Creatures Bubbling Volcano

Beaker Creatures is a fairly new toy line that combines science with those little mystery collectible creatures kids love. There’s all kinds of different sets and the Bubbling Volcano would be the perfect Easter basket stuffer for boys or girls ages 5 and up.

Grow ‘N Glow Terrarium

The Grow ‘N Glow Terrarium is a fun Easter basket stuffer for boys that teaches lessons about plants and gardening. It’s a very popular nature gift for kids. With a package size of about 9″ x 9″, it fits in a larger Easter basket or makes a nice little Easter gift for boys and girls ages 6 and up.

Confetti Slime Kit

Slime is a great sensory and stress relieving toy. Elmer’s makes several DIY slime kits, including this Confetti Slime Kit, that is the perfect size and price for an Easter basket filler. Plus, kids learn a little about what happens as chemicals combine.

Dino Fossil Dig

Kids love the excitement of discovering dinosaur fossils with the Dino Fossil Dig kit from National Geographic. For all of the educational and fun value this has, it’s a surprisingly low price. That also have a Bug Dig Kit that is popular. These are rated for kids age 8 and up.

Bubbling Volcano science kit is perfect for a boys easter basket giftBubbling VolcanoBubbling VolcanoGrow 'N Glow kit is a nice Easter basket filler for boysGrow ‘N GlowGrow 'N GlowDino Dig is a fun Easter basket filler toy for boysDino DigDino DigConfetti Slime Kit is a good Easter basket filler for boysConfetti Slime KitConfetti Slime Kit

More Easter Basket Stuffers for Boys

Scroll down for a few more miscellaneous Easter basket stuffers or Easter gifts that boys will love. These are all great for imaginative play and learning.

Finger Puppets

Finger puppets inspire all sorts of imaginative adventures and shows. They’re great for kids to entertain themselves when they can’t be too active, like when they’re traveling or under the weather. Here’s a few sets that are inexpensive, well-rated and lots of fun for kids!

Animal Finger Puppets are perfect for a boys Easter basket fillerAnimal Finger PuppetsAnimal Finger PuppetsDinosaur Finger Puppets are fun Easter basket stuffers for boysDinosaur Finger PuppetsDinosaur Finger PuppetsMonster Finger Puppets are great for a boys Easter basketMonster Finger PuppetsMonster Finger PuppetsAnimal Heads & Feet puppets are fun for Easter basket stuffersAnimal Heads & FeetAnimal Heads & Feet

Hexbug Nano

Hexbug Nanos are little bug robots that kids can race, house, and even create habitats for (think hamster cage!). This one is a pack of 5, but you can also buy them singly here.

Zombie Plant Seeds

This seems like a strange thing to put in an Easter basket, but you could always rename them “Resurrection Plants”. Zombie Plants play dead when you touch them, see, then spring back to life shortly after. It’s a novel little Easter basket stuffer for boys and girls!


Grimlings are the latest Fingerlings additions with little alter egos. They have several different interactions – some nice and some a tad grumpy.

Whipz Micro Racers

Whipz are super fast, super small cars with rechargeable LED lights. Use the sphere to make them do cool tricks. This is a super fun Easter basket stuffer for boys!

HEXBUG nano make great easter basket stuffers for boysHEXBUG nanoHEXBUG nanoZombie Plant Seeds are an unusual and funny easter basket filler gift for boysZombie Plant SeedsZombie Plant SeedsWowWee Grimlings are funny easter basket stuffers for boysWowWee GrimlingsWowWee GrimlingsWhipz Micro Racers are fun easter basket toys for boysWhipz Micro RacersWhipz Micro Racers

Mini Animals and Figures

I love these little animal figures for stocking or Easter basket stuffers. They’re great for imaginative play, hide-and-find games, or even in the bathtub. Here’s a few of my favorite sets.

Mini Dragons are inexpensive to use as boy easter basket fillersMini DragonsMini DragonsWoodland Animals make cute easter basket stuffers for boysWoodland AnimalsWoodland AnimalsInsects sets are fun to use as easter basket stuffers for boysInsectsInsectsSea Animals are great for easter basket filler gifts for boysSea AnimalsSea Animals

Boredom Busters that are Good Easter Basket Stuffers for Boys

Nothing livens up a playdate or family night like slingshot chickens or a Fart Ninja. But my favorite boredom buster that is the perfect Easter basket filler for boys and girls is the Moon Torch. This is a cool little flashlight that projects a moon image onto walls and ceilings and anywhere else.

Slingshot Chickens are fun Easter basket toys for boysSlingshot ChickensSlingshot ChickensFart Ninja is a funny Easter basket filler for boysFart NinjaFart NinjaGlow Stretchy Strings are good Easter basket fillers for boysGlow Stretchy StringsGlow Stretchy StringsA Moon Torch is a great Easter basket gift for boysMoon TorchMoon Torch

Mega Construx Breakout Beasts

Breakout Beasts are perfect size to use as easter basket stuffers for boysBreakout BeastsBreakout Beasts

Breakout Beasts are mystery dragon toys encased in slime that boys love to collect and display.

Even if they boy in your life doesn’t know about or collect them, they’re a cool little stocking or Easter basket stuffer due to their price and size. And if he’s a fan of dragons and slime, well, he’ll be a fan of these.

Each figure comes with a stand to display it, and the slime can be stored in the egg to keep it soft to play with later.

Age 5+

Books for Easter Basket Stuffers

Easter is a great time to add to a boy’s book collection. There are so many good books for boys in the Easter-basket-stuffer price range, that it’s hard to choose which ones to get. Here’s a few popular ones that kids love. Some are Easter-themed, others are just generally popular for boys. Most of these are in the 4 – 8 age range.

Easter Joke Book is a fun easter basket filler for boysEaster Joke BookEaster Joke BookBig Easter Adventure is a fun easter book for boys easter basket fillerBig Easter AdventureBig Easter AdventureBerenstain Bears Easter is a good easter basket fillerBerenstain Bears EasterBerenstain Bears Easter5-Minute Marvel Stories is great for easter basket gift for boys5-Minute Marvel Stories5-Minute Marvel Stories

We hope our Easter basket stuffers for boys ideas helps you create a fun Easter basket surprise for the boys in your life!

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