Top Electronic Pets Kids are Begging to Bring Home

Electronic Pets for Kids They Want This Christmas

Electronic pets for kids are always among the most wanted kids toys. Kids love them because they’re adorable, cuddly, and interactive. Parents love them because they are household additions that don’t eat, poop, or make messes. So win, win.

Interactive pets are not only fun, but they can be a learning experience too. Since some of them have responses that are so life-like, parents use them to teach their child how to take care of a living pet.

It can be a real eye-opener for a five-year-old when they are responsible for meeting the needs of a little creature that whines for attention (#MomRevenge).

For these reasons, electronic and interactive pets are among the 2020 hottest kids toys for Christmas or birthday presents and each year a whole new litter of automated bundles of cuteness are released.

To help you find the right interactive stuffed animals for the kids in your life, we’ve gathered the best of the new deliveries, plus some popular old favorites.

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Electronic Pets for Kids

New Releases in Interactive Pets For Kids

Here’s our favorite new releases of electronic pets. Which will be the favorite of the child on your gift list?

Scruff-a-Luvs Mystery Real Rescue Pet

Scruff-a-Luvs Mystery Rescue Pet is an interactive stuffed animal kids loveScruff-a-Luvs Mystery Rescue PetScruff-a-Luvs Mystery Rescue Pet

Scruff-a-Luvs were a huge hit last year and this year they’ve upped their game with a more interactive plush pet rescue.

Their Mystery Real Rescue Pets shiver, coo, burp and interact with their new owners in lots of cute little ways. Kids will love cleaning them up, nurturing, and caring for them.

These interactive stuffed animals have hidden interactions that kids will discover the more they play with them too!

Age 4+

Scruff-a-Luvs Real Rescue Pets are Interactive plush toys for kids

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FurReal Cubby the Curious Bear Interactive Plush Toy

FurReal Cubby is one of the top electronic pets for kidsFurReal CubbyFurReal Cubby

Cubby made his debut this year at the International Toy Fair and made quite an impression on sleep deprived parents of little ones!

Cubby the Curious Bear is not just any electronic pet for kids – he’s especially designed to help kids sleep. When it’s time for bed, he sings softly and makes sleepy noises. He has a sleep mode so there’s no creepy, random noises from him in the middle of the night.

He also plays games, drinks his bottle and has over 100 sound and motion combinations. Plus, he’s super adorable!

Age 4+

FurReal Cubby will be one of the top interactive stuffed animals this year

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Pixie Bells

Pixie Belles are cute electronic petsPixie BellesPixie Belles

Pixie Bells are the latest interactive pets from WowWee, the makers of Fingerlings. They have three different play modes and the cutest little warble.

Kids will love how Pixie Bells kiss their cheek when held against their face, then spin around in happiness after.

They’re small enough to carry around in a backpack or purse and have a magnetic bottom so kids can even wear them! There’s four different Pixie Bells to choose from and they are inexpensive enough that you can pick up a couple and let kids interchange their tails for different looks!

Age 5+

Pixie Bells are cute interactive pets for kids

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Hatchimals Wow Llalacorn

Hatchimals Wow Llalacorn is an interactive pet kids will loveHatchimals Wow LlalacornHatchimals Wow Llalacorn

The Hatchimals Wow Llalacorn is one of the hottest interactive stuffed animal releases this year! These hatch from an egg, like the classic Hatchimals, but with fun twists that really add to the play value.

  • They GROW up to 32 inches tall!
  • They can REHATCH out of their egg!
  • They make over 250 different sounds
  • They communicate their needs with changing eye colors

If you’re wondering what a Llalacorn is, it’s a cross between a llama and a unicorn. They have pretty little wings, soft fur, beautiful expressive eyes, and of course, a unicorn horn. You really have to check them out in action to appreciate how cute these are!

Click to watch video

These are much more entertaining than the classic Hatchimals and are very popular interactive plush toys!

Age 5+

Hatchimals Wow are the coolest new electronic pets for kids

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FurReal Hoppin’ Topper

furReal Hoppin' Topper is a new interactive plush toyfurReal Hoppin’ TopperfurReal Hoppin' Topper

Little Hoppin’ Topper is the perfect electronic pet for kids who love dinosaurs. This baby Triceratops hops up and down with his front paws when he senses you’re ready to play.

He has 35 sound and motion combinations, including cocking his head and making cute cooing noises. Plus, he gobbles up his broccoli and desert with delight!

What does a baby Triceratops eat for desert, you ask? A caveman-shaped cookie, of course! 😀

Age 4+

Hoppin' Topper is one of the latest interactive stuffed animals for kids

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Mighty Roar Simba Interactive Plush Toy

Mighty Roar Simba is a new interactive stuffed animalMighty Roar SimbaMighty Roar Simba

The Lion King Mighty Roar Simba interactive electronic pet will delight little ones with his expressive face and cute roar!

Simba has over 100 sound and motion combinations and when you pet his head, you never know what reaction you will get. Kids will love having roaring contests with him!

This interactive plush version of Simba really brings the movie character to life with his realistic movements and voice (well…as real as a cartoon character, anyway) . He’s also a pretty decent size and will fill the little arms of the child on your gift list!

Age 4+

Mighty Roar Simba is one of the latest interactive electronic pets for kids

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Owleez Interactive Pets for Kids

Owleez are cute electronic pets kids can interact withOwleezOwleez

Owleez take interactive pet training to a whole ‘nother level. Any kid can train an electronic pet to bark, beg or purr, but how about teaching them to fly?

Whoooooo are Owleez, you ask? 😉 They are cute little baby owls with over 100 sound and movements. These babies sing and dance and coo and respond to touches and tickles.

If you’ve treated them well and responded to their moods correctly, they’ll take off and fly around the room! They get better and better the more they practice.

Owleez come in both pink and white and are going to be one of the hottest gifts for kids this Christmas!

Age 6+

Owleez are new interactive pets for kids

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Hatching Toothless Interactive Baby Dragon

Hatching Toothless is one of the new electronic pets for kids this yearHatching ToothlessHatching Toothless

Fans of the How To Train Your Dragon movies will love the Hatching Toothless interactive pet dragon.

Kids tap and rock the shell to help Toothless hatch, then he’s ready to play games, use his plasma-blast, eat his fish snack and lots of other fun interactions.

Plasma can be taught to fly too, but not by himself. He’s really cute though, when he flaps his wings as kids guide him through the air.

Little Toothless is a great electronic pet for dragon-loving kids!

Age 5+

Hatching Toothless is a cute electronic pet for kids

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Juno, My Baby Elephant Interactive Pet

Juno My Baby Elephant is one of the best electronic pets released this yearJuno My Baby ElephantJuno My Baby Elephant

Baby Elephant Juno is another showstopper introduced at the International Toy Fair. And she is adorable!

The cutest thing about Juno is of course, that expressive trunk. But she has lots of super cute reactions. She hides behind her ears when she’s shy, plays with her toy mouse, and can be trained with her peanut to do tricks.

The more a child interacts with Juno, the more responses they’ll unlock. She’s one of the cutest electronic pets for kids and will be on many wish lists!

Age 5+

Juno is one of the cutest electronic pets for kids

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Myla The Magical Unicorn Electronic Pet

Myla The Magical Unicorn is one of the new electronic pets for 2019Myla The Magical UnicornMyla The Magical Unicorn

Llamas haven’t pushed the unicorns out of popularity just yet. Myla The Magical Unicorn is a new plush electronic pet from VTech and she has some fun features that little ones are loving.

  • Kids can change the color of her horn, eyes, wings and more
  • Her lights sparkle as she talks and sings
  • Comes with a microphone so kids can sing with her

Myla also comes with a comb and hair clips that her owner can share. She’s a magical gift for young girls!

UPDATE: Myla is a 2020 Toy of the Year Finalist!

Age 4+

Myla the Magical Unicorn is one of the new electronic pets for kids

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Below are two more interactive pets for kids. Little Gleemerz are new this year and Wrapples are still very popular.

Lil' Gleemerz Babies Yellow Figure
  • These Lil' Gleemerz babies were born for teeny gleem dreams!
  • Press its nose over and over for cute sounds and to light up tummy with...
  • Tilt upside down and move all around for purrs, coos, and other silly...
Little Live Wrapples - Slap Bracelets - Una
  • Your furry best friend you can take anywhere!
  • Slap band tail so your Wrapple securely wraps around your wrist!
  • Light-up eyes to match their mood!

 Electronic Pets Kids Still Want for Gifts

This next group of electronic pets were among the hottest kids toys for Christmas last year and prior years. They are still hot sellers and continue to make kids happy electronic pet owners.

FurReal Ricky, the Trick-Lovin’ Pup Interactive Stuffed Animal

FurReal Friends Ricky is a popular interactive stuffed animalFurReal Friends RickyFurReal Friends Ricky

One of Hasbro’s hottest new releases last year was the adorable interactive plush toy Ricky, the Trick-Lovin’ Pup.

Ricky is so playful and lifelike (right down to the pretend poops!) that he will delight the child on your gift list. Here’s some features of little Ricky.

  • 100+ sound and motion combos (kids won’t get bored!)
  • Does adorable tricks, like catching his bone and shaking paws
  • Licks his owner’s face to show affection

Ricky might not substitute for a real puppy under the tree, but he’s still a popular electronic pet that kids love and would make an awesome gift for kids!

Age 4+

furreal Ricky is one of the best interactive plush toys for kids

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Pomsies Electronic Pets

Pomsies Pinky Plush is a cute elecronic pet kids lovePomsies Pinky PlushPomsies Pinky Plush

Pomsies came out last year and are still very popular with our readers. These cute balls of fluff wrap around wrists, ankles, backpacks and more and let their owners know when they’re tired, cold or hungry.

Pomsies are interactive and respond to touch with over 50 different sounds. Kids never have to guess what their Pomsie wants because their eyes light up to indicate what they need.

These aren’t lifelike of course (because what even are they?), but for the price they’re adorable, entertaining creatures that kids can take with them everywhere they go.

These come in several colors – you can see all the Pomsies here.

Age 3+

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Fingerlings Interactive Pets

Fingerlings were one of the hottest electronic pets for kids when they first came out and they remain very popular.

Each year, WowWee adds new interactive creatures to the litter and every one has unique interactions to entertain both kids and adults.

You can check out all of the Fingerlings here and all of the Untamed Fingerlings here. Below are a few of their latest cute releases!

Just make sure you are buying the Original WowWee brand Fingerlings because there are some knock-offs out there.

Age 5+

Untamed Fang is an electronic pet boys loveUntamed FangUntamed FangUntamed Shockwave is an electronic pet for kidsUntamed ShockwaveUntamed ShockwaveFingerlings Dolphin is a cute electronic petFingerlings DolphinFingerlings DolphinFingerlings Narwha is an interactive pet for kidsFingerlings NarwhaFingerlings Narwha

Sparkles My Dancing Unicorn

Sparkles My Dancing Unicorn is a popular electronic pet for kidsSparkles My Dancing UnicornSparkles My Dancing Unicorn

Sparkles, My Dancing Unicorn was released by Little Live Pets last year and she is still a big seller in electronic pets. She nuzzles, dances, makes unicorn sounds (I have no idea) and eats her tiny cupcake.

Sparkle’s horn lights up to indicate whether she wants to eat or nuzzle. She comes with a brush to take care of her colorful mane and tail.

She does need 2 AAA batteries, which aren’t included. Little unicorn lovers will adore this magical electronic pet for kids!

Age 5+

Sparkles My Dancing Unicorn is one of the top electronic pets for kids

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furReal Roarin’ Tyler the Playful Tiger

FurReal Roarin' Tyler is a popular interactive stuffed animalFurReal Roarin’ TylerFurReal Roarin' Tyler

The Hasbro FurReal Friends electronic pets for kids have taken the toy industry by storm ever since they came out in 2002.

Their Roarin’ Tyler the Playful Tiger has gotten rave reviews since its release two years ago and kids still love him! Here’s a few features of this popular addition to their furry family:

  • Has over 100 sound and motion combinations
  • Purrs and plays with his toy
  • Soft and cuddly so he doesn’t feel robotic
  • Off button for quiet time

Roarin’ Tyler is the largest of their pets that I’ve seen. At 20 inches long and over 17 inches high, he will fill the little arms and heart of the child on your gift list. He’s one of my favorite interactive stuffed animals.

Age 4+

Furreal Roarin Tyler is one of the top interactive plush toys for kids

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furReal Friends Torch Electronic Pet

Torch, My Blazin' Dragon is one of my favorite electronic petsTorch, My Blazin’ DragonTorch, My Blazin' Dragon

FurReal Friends Torch, My Blazin’ Dragon was one of the most wanted kids toys for Christmas when he first came out a couple years ago and still has great reviews.

Torch interacts with kids by making 50 different sound and motion combinations. The cutest part is he breathes “fire” and toasts his marshmallow which kids can feed him. And his baby dragon GOOs and GAAs will melt your heart!

He will chortle, gurgle and burp his way into your heart (come to think of it…that’s what my husband did!).  😀

The cuteness factor is off the charts with this one and he will absolutely charm a young child (and most adults)! He’s still a very popular electronic pet for kids.

Age 4+

Furreal Torch is one of the best electronic pets for young kids

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FurReal Friends Bootsie Interactive Stuffed Animal

FurReal Friends Bootsie is a top electronic petFurReal Friends BootsieFurReal Friends Bootsie

Bootsie is an interactive plush toy cat full of personality and attitude. Just like a real cat, you never know quite how she’ll respond, but at least she doesn’t have claws!

Bootsie hisses and meows, depending on her mood, but she usually enjoys being petted and loved.

Her expressive eyebrows give away her current temperament and add to her lovable little character.

Bootsie was one of the most wanted kids toys for Christmas a couple years ago and is still one of the popular furReal Friends electronic pets for kids and cat-loving adults too.

Age 4+

FurReal Friends StarLily Electronic Pet Unicorn

StarLily, My Magical Unicorn is one of the popular interactive stuffed animalsStarLily, My Magical UnicornStarLily, My Magical Unicorn

StarLily, My Magical Unicorn graced us with her magical presence in 2015 and is still a hot seller. What’s not to love about an interactive plush pet unicorn? Here’s some fun features of StarLily:

  • Her horn lights up in different colors
  • She flaps and flutters her beautiful wings
  • She’s posable, which is hard to find in an electronic pet
  • There is an app for even more interactions

StarLily will absolutely delight young girls! No wonder she was one of the hottest kids toys in past Christmases and has kept her popularity.

Age 4+

StarLily My Magical Unicorn is one of the top interactive stuffed animals for kids

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JUST IN! ====>> Here’s all the current top-selling toys!

Electronic Pets for Adults

Joy For All Companion Pets

Joy For All Companion Pets are robotic pets for adults. They are designed to be a comforting tool for the elderly and are a good substitute in situations where an older person just can’t have a live pet.

These robotic pets for adults are very lifelike in their reactions and feel. The Silver Cat movements, meows and purrs are so much like a real cat that even real cats do a double-take when they first see it (check out the videos on Amazon and you’ll see what I mean).

The Joy For All Golden Pup has lifelike fur and a heartbeat sound. He responds to touch and petting just like the cat.

Electronic pets for adults don’t replace live interactions, but they can certainly provide some comfort to the elderly who can’t have real pets.

Joy For All Silver Cat is one of the electronic pets for adultsJoy For All Silver CatJoy For All Silver CatJoy For All Golden Pup is an interactive pet for adultsJoy For All Golden PupJoy For All Golden Pup

Joy For All makes lifelike electronic pets for adults

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Popular Electronic Pets

Lastly, here are a few highly-rated electronic pets that are still very popular and might be perfect for the child on your gift list. Harry the Pet Dog has been very popular with our readers.

Crate Creatures are popular electronic pets for boysCrate CreaturesCrate CreaturesSnow Leopard Flurry is a highly rated interactive stuffed animalSnow Leopard FlurrySnow Leopard FlurryPet Dog Harry is a very popular electronic pet for kidsPet Dog HarryPet Dog HarryFurReal Daisy is a cute interactive plush toyFurReal DaisyFurReal Daisy

Which of the Interactive Pets Should You Buy?

There are so many adorable electronic pets for kids and adults on the market, it can be hard to decide which one to buy.

If you’re trying to decide on one for a gift, think about the recipient’s age, patience level and the types of animals they like. Also think about whether the electronic pet will be more for cuddling or for playing, since some interactive pets are plush and some are not.

We hope this article helps you to pick an electronic pet gift that will put a smile on the face of that special child or adult on your gift list.

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