15 Best Outdoor Water Toys for Toddlers

Best backyard water toys for toddlers

The best outdoor water toys for toddlers can turn your backyard into a summertime fun park!

Spring and summer bring great opportunities to introduce toddlers and young children to the joy of water toys. Or, give them as a gift at Christmas to help parents get a head start on the summer fun!

Water play helps young ones learn cause and effect, improve motor skills, and practice coordination. Not to mention, they are just plain fun!

Here are a few of what we think are the best outdoor water toys for toddlers in 2020!

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Best Outdoor Water Toys for Toddlers

UPDATED JUNE 4, 2020: Water tables are the most popular outdoor water toys for toddlers and so far this year they seem to be in short supply at many retailers, including Amazon. We’ve updated this post to reflect what appears to be in stock as of 6/4/20 at reasonable prices.

Step2 Fiesta Cruise Sand and Water Table

Fiesta Cruise Water Table is an entertaining outdoor water toy for toddlersFiesta Cruise Sand & Water TableFiesta Cruise Sand & Water Table

Released two summers ago is the Fiesta Cruise Sand and Water Table by Step2. The whole cruise ship theme is so cute and is sure to inspire lots of pretend play adventures!

Here’s a few reasons why it makes our list of the best outdoor water toys for toddlers.

  • Bow section holds water or sand
  • Includes a lid to cover sand
  • Comes with 4 figures, slides, diving board and accessories
  • Umbrella protects little ones from sun
  • Large enough for multiple kids to play

So far, the Fiesta Cruise Ship has great reviews, and it was a Toy Insider recommended summer toy for toddlers!

Age: 2+

The Fiesta Cruise Ship water table is one of the best outdoor water toys for toddlers
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Tropical Rainforest Backyard Water Table

Another favorite backyard water toy for toddlers from Step2 is the Tropical Rainforest Table below. I really love the animal theme and the fun accessories!

Step2 Tropical Rainforest Water Table | Colorful Kids Water Play...
  • Rain shower effect from the treetop canopy makes realistic rainfall sounds!
  • Large footprint lets several kids play together, encouraging social and...
  • Molded-in rainforest detail and jungle-themed critter toys spark kids'...

Anchors Away Water Table for Toddlers

Another very popular water table from Little Tikes is this Anchors Away Pirate Ship table featured below. Little swashbucklers will love the pirate theme and all the fun interactions!

Little Tikes Anchors Away Pirate Ship – Amazon Exclusive
  • Fun pirate ship themed outdoor, water play table loaded with spinning...
  • Water moves with pump or by pouring water into the crows nest
  • Aim and squirt water from the water cannon

Step2 Cascading Cove Sand and Water Table

Cascading Cove Sand and Water Table is one of the best outdoor water toys for toddlers
View on Amazon

The Cascading Cove Water Table has both a water and a sand play area for kids. This fun backyard water toy for toddlers has several really nice features:

  • Large enough for multiple kids to play
  • Includes an umbrella
  • Comes with a cover that doubles as a car track!
  • Drain holes in both sides
  • Very sturdy

I love the sand and water feature of this one – it’s sure to provide many years of warm weather entertainment for the kiddies!

If you want to reduce the chances of having a big batch of mud (because, kids) you could always fill both sides with water and forget the sand altogether.

Age: 18 Months – 5 years

This table comes with a few accessories, but you might want to pick up a pack of sand and water plastic toys to go with it. The one below includes a ton of sand toys and a water wheel. Also, here’s a set of cute plastic trucks toddlers can play with on the track.

A set of sand and water toys are fun backyard water toys for toddlers24 Pc Sand Toys24 Pc Sand ToysPush and Go Sliding Trucks are great sand and water toys for toddlersPush and Go Sliding TrucksPush and Go Sliding Trucks


Step2 Splash N Scoop Bay Sand & Water Table

Splash N Scoop Bay is a fun backyard water table for toddlersSplash N Scoop BaySplash N Scoop Bay

Toddlers will love all the sensory feels with the Splash and Scoop Bay Sand and Water Table by Step2. One side has a fun waterslide feature and the other holds 15 pounds of sand for little ones to build and scoop to their hearts content. Here’s some more nice features of this outdoor water toy for toddlers.

  • Includes a cover that fits both sides
  • Big enough for multiple kids to play
  • Comes with some digging toys and cups

The only thing this is lacking, IMHO, are some creatures to play with in the water and a fun sand toy. Here’s a couple inexpensive sets by Melissa & Doug that you can get to add to the play value of this water and sand table.

A funnel sand toy is a fun water toy for toddlers to play with in the backyardSeaside Funnel FunSeaside Funnel FunSeaside Sea Creatures are great to play with in an outdoor pool for toddlersSeaside Sea CreaturesSeaside Sea Creatures

  • TOY TIP:  When your toddler gets older (3 years and up), you can fill the water tables with beans and use them indoors in colder weather! This wouldn’t work for younger kids who still put things in their mouths though.

More Outdoor Water Toys for Toddlers

Along with water tables, there are lots of other fun water toys for wee ones to enjoy outdoors. Here’s a few of our favorite pools, mats and sprinklers for toddler outdoor fun.

Sable Wading Pool and Play Center

A Wading Pool & Play Center is the perfect outdoor water toy for toddlers in the summerWading Pool & Play CenterWading Pool & Play Center

Sometimes little ones just want to dive right in and get wet and this Wading Pool and Play Center is perfect for that!

Little ones will love going down the slide or just splashing around in the refreshing water spray.

There’s two play areas so both toddlers and preschoolers can play comfortably. This is a fun addition to your backyard water toys for summer.

Age: 6 Months+

Here are a couple more outdoor inflatable pools for toddlers and young kids that are popular now.

Sunset Glow Kiddie Pool is a great water toy for toddlersSunset Glow Kiddie PoolSunset Glow Kiddie PoolWatermelon Kiddie Pool is perfect for toddlers to play in the waterWatermelon Kiddie PoolWatermelon Kiddie Pool


Banzai Sprinkle and Splash Play Mat

Sprinkle & Splash Play Mat is perfect for babies and toddlers for outoor water playSprinkle & Splash Play MatSprinkle & Splash Play Mat

Toddlers love marveling at water sprays! The Sprinkle and Splash Play Mat connects to a hose and squirts water at different heights for youngsters to play in. Here’s some nice features of this fun backyard water toy for toddlers:

  • 54 inches diameter
  • Center indents as it fills, making a shallow pool
  • No need to inflate – easy setup!
  • Durable

This simple water toy is lots of fun for toddlers and a really great price, too!

Age: 18 Months+

Octopus and Unicorn Backyard Sprinkle Pools for Toddlers

For a larger splash pad with a little more depth, check out the fun Octopus and Unicorn pools below. The water height adjusts with the water pressure, so they are great for little ones or older kids too.

PRINCESSEA Splash Pad for Girls

PRINCESSEA Splash Pad is a fun outdoor water toy for toddler and preschool aged girlsPRINCESSEA Splash PadPRINCESSEA Splash Pad

The PRINCESSEA Splash Pad with a mermaid theme is sooo adorbs for girls. It features adjustable height sprayers, plus it holds a few inches of water for some splashing fun. It’s about 6.5′ in diameter, a good size for 2 or 3 small girls to play.

Your little mermaids will love frolicking in this shallow pool, perfect for the backyard. It even comes with 3 princess wands and headband crowns for imaginative undersea adventures.

Age 1+

Below is one more top selling splash pad that is great for young toddlers and babies because it’s very shallow. It’s also educational, with animals and letters on the bottom to keep the little ones interested.

SplashEZ 3-in-1 Splash Pad, Sprinkler for Kids and Wading Pool...
  • MAKE LEARNING A BLAST – Time for a splish-splashin’ bash in...
  • "TAKE A DIP IN ONE COOL POOL – Get relief from the heat with the SplashEZ...
  • SPLASH SAFELY – Keep kids cool and safe with SplashEZ’s parent-approved...

Sprinklers Are Fun Backyard Water Toys for Toddlers

Sprinklers are an inexpensive way to provide outdoor water play for toddlers. Here’s a couple kid-friendly sprinklers to hook up to the hose for the little sprouts to run through.

The two below are rated for kids age 3 and up, but with supervision, toddlers can have a blast just playing in the spray.

Fire Hydrant Sprinkler Sprayer is a fun backyard water toy toddlers will loveFire Hydrant Sprinkler SprayerFire Hydrant Sprinkler SprayerSunny Patch Blossom Sprinkler is a perfect water toy for toddlers to cool off with in the summerSunny Patch Blossom SprinklerSunny Patch Blossom Sprinkler


Another outdoor water sprayer toy for toddlers is the fun whale sprinkler below, that can also be used in the pool.

Step2 Play and Shade Pool is the Perfect Outdoor Water Toy for Toddlers

Step2 Play and Shade Pool is one of the best outdoor water toys for toddlersStep2 Play and Shade PoolStep2 Play and Shade Pool

The Play and Shade Pool is just the right size for toddlers to sit and splash and cool off. This toddler water toy has been around several years and is still highly rated! Here’s some nice features.

  • Has two toddler-size molded seats
  • Funnel cups and water wheel feature
  • Umbrella to keep away the burn
  • Great size for small patio or yard

Note that this pool DOES include the umbrella. The description is a little confusing in that regard. This little pool is perfect for two young kids to splash around and keep cool!

Age: 2-6 years

A toy fishing set is a fun addition to a wading pool, splash mat, or water table and really adds to the water play fun. Both of the ones below are designed for toddlers’ little hands and can also be used in the bathtub.

A Fishing Set is a fun outdoor water toy for two year oldsFishing Set 18M+Fishing Set 18M+Munchkin Fishin' Toy is a fun bath or backyard water toy for 2 year oldsMunchkin Fishin’ Toy 2+Munchkin Fishin' Toy 2+

Turn your backyard into a mini water park with a couple of these best outdoor water toys for toddlers. Your little ones will love having a fun way to cool off in the summer months!

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